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His sweet, submissive Lacey needed her strict, disciplinarian husband back.

And she was about to get it.

Being a submissive, well-spanked wife was pretty close to heaven on earth for Lacey Warren. The problem was, after the birth of her child, she was distinctly missing the “well-spanked” part. Perhaps she didn’t miss the pain of her punishments, the humiliation, and being bent to the iron will of her implacable, alpha male husband.

Or maybe that was exactly what she was missing.

Her problem was how to rekindle that red-hot, twisted, dark D/s undercurrent that used to run through every sexual encounter between she and her husband. Pushing him wasn’t an option; her husband would never do anything until he was good and ready. She’d resigned herself to a permanent change in their intimate lives…until the day he’d left her the letter. The old Troy had returned. With a vengeance. And it looked like Lacey was about to live out the very painful — but deeply sexual — reality of “be careful what you wish for.”

It had been long enough. Holding himself back from taking his wife in hand once again had been the worst torture he’d ever been through. With a new baby, he had no choice. Now? Those days were over, and his Lacey was about to find out that the old Troy hadn’t disappeared. He’d only been waiting. Soon, he’d have her on her knees again, and back firmly under his thumb — and his hand. The days of his wife walking around with a pristine white bottom were coming to an end.

The only question for Troy was: how far was he prepared to take her in order to show her their old D/s dynamic was very much still alive. Did he trust himself not to lead her too far down the road of deep, utter submission he required of her? When it came to his gorgeous, curvy wife, he would accept nothing less than her complete surrender. To a hard, strict man like him, Lacey was more than his wife. She was his possession. He intended to remind her of that in sexual, painful, and even humiliating, ways. It was what she needed. It was what she craved. He would give her all of it, and more, in ways she could only dream about. Those dreams were about to become a dark, lurid, intensely passionate reality.

It was what they both needed.

There was more at play here than simply reminding his submissive wife that she was subject to her dominant husband in all things. His best friend Hunter’s marriage was slowly falling apart, and Troy suspected Lacey’s interest in helping Hunter might be more than...simple friendly support.

It shocked him though how much that suspicion — and what it might mean — didn’t bother him.

What’s more, since learning of the existence of the community of White Valley, a very unique town nestled high up in the Cascades of Washington state that embraced the deep D/s dynamic that Troy and Lacey lived, a possible solution had been percolating in Troy’s mind.

What would it mean to live in a place like White Valley? Could it both strengthen his own D/s marriage…and help mend a best friend’s broken heart?

Word Count: 75,735 words​

Keywords: alpha male, spanking, BDSM, D/s, friends to lovers, second chance romance, erotic romance, power exchange, surrendered wives, surrendered wife, exhibitionism, yoyeurism, reluctant submission, dominance and submission, dark romance, corporal punishment, bondage, group discipline, disciplined wife, disciplined wives, BDSM series, Valley of Surrender, full length novel, caning, strapping, strict hero, military hero, contemporary romance

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About the author

A USA Today bestselling author, Trent Evans specializes in several flavors of BDSM erotic romance and erotica. Putting pen to paper since he was a wee lad, he decided to try to share some of the tales cooked up in his fevered imagination. Some readers might not be horrified at what he writes. He tries to write stories that appeal to both women and men (wow, threading the needle), but will follow wherever the story takes him. 

A long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest, the author believes that the high percentage of authors in the region (compared to the nation as a whole) is chiefly due to the fact that it's so damned wet and miserable there.

They tend to use their long hours cooped up inside spinning yarns that depict things they'll never see or experience — such as sunshine. 

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Feb 15, 2017
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Trent Evans
Being abducted by an 8 foot tall alien was either the worst thing to ever happen to young Rose… or it was her one last chance at finding forever…

Rose had always dreamed of finding the “one.” But she’d never dreamed he’d find her first — and promptly spirit her away from everything she’d ever known. Alone, adrift, and seemingly lost on Earth, the young woman had exchanged a life of youthful rebelliousness for a life of strict, trained obedience, painful consequences, and the dark depths of pleasure unlike any she’d ever imagined. But there was a small problem: she hadn’t chosen that exchange. The muscled, glowering, Alpha male from another planet had chosen it for her — whether she wanted it or not.

The dazzling red-headed beauty with the spitfire personality and the dramatic curves to match was a danger to Lieutenant Kosha, an officer of the Yaanfahr Survey Corps assigned to observe the emerging human civilization on the planet Terra. But the female in question wasn’t any sort of physical danger — it was because the alluring human female was irresistible. Especially this one. Though he’d risen fast in the ranks by following the rules, by excelling at his job, the power of Rose’s beauty called to him to do something else entirely. To break those rules — and to break her utterly to his will.

Lieutenant Kosha entertained more than ambitions for making the rank of Admiral in the Yaanfahri navy someday. No, he entertained far… darker desires too. And those desires would be realized courtesy of the little buxom beauty stowed securely away in the hold of his ship. He’d always wanted a well-trained, well-disciplined creature he could call his own. His plaything, his possession. Rose’s luscious body would fit the bill quite nicely indeed, the canvas upon which he would paint the realization of his most deep-seated, twisted fantasies.

Did he dare take her for himself? Train her, mold her, and transform her into the perfect human pet? Or would crossing that line change more than the voluptuous human captive? What if it changed his heart as well?

Publisher's Warning: This dark science fiction steamy romance is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This novel contains the following themes or activities: pervasive M/s, capture fantasy, intense and explicit sex, spanking, anal play, pet play, humiliation, objectification, and other acts of (very) unequal power dynamics. If any of these might be offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.

You have been warned...

Word Count: 96,418 words​

Keywords: science fiction romance, science fiction erotic romance, alien abduction, alpha male, capture fantasy, captive fantasy, captivity, unequal power dynamics, BDSM, bondage, spanking, pet play, humiliation, objectification, Dominance and submission, D/s, M/s, voyeurism, HEA, virgin heroine, well-endowed hero, strict hero, enemies-to-lovers, lactation, breast discipline, Terran Captives series, Trent Evans

Natasha Knight
 The day my father agreed to testify against Terrence Randall, one of the most ruthless drug traffickers in North America, was the day I became the target of the drug lord’s enraged vengeance. I was the one thing that stood in the way of Daddy’s testimony, and the one thing that could save Randall. The man would stop at nothing to get his hands on me.

I was prepared for what was coming — as prepared as one could be when vanishing into the U.S. Marshal’s Witness Protection Program.

I just wasn’t prepared for him.

For ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary Lake Freeman, escorting Lily Cross into the Witness Protection Program was just another job — until a better offer came along. Lake couldn’t have cared less about the life he’d been hired to protect. After all, she was a part of the very organization that had cost him so much already.

At least he never expected to care.

But when forced into a decision he never thought he’d have to make, the mission became one of survival for himself and his beautiful charge. Lake knew that in order to protect her, he’d need to bring the feisty and unpredictable Lily to heel — he couldn't keep her safe if he couldn't keep her under control.

But that protective urge quickly turned into something else, something dark ... and his need to conquer, to claim, overrode all else.

He would keep her safe. He would keep her protected. But he would make her his, as well.

Now, all he had to do was figure out how to keep them both alive long enough to do it...

Publisher's Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This is a MF BDSM **dark** romantic suspense. If dark romance is not for you, then you should pass this one by.

Themes include: graphic sexuality, pervasive D/s, exhibitionism, spanking, bondage, anal play and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book.

Word count: 66,328 words

Keywords: dark romance, captive fantasy, capture fantasy, abduction, mafia romance, organized crime thriller, psychological thriller, psychosexual thriller, BDSM, erotic romance, Stockholm syndrome, spanking, caning, strapping, forced exhibitionism, humiliation, alpha male, military hero, well-endowed hero, bondage, sensory deprivation, sadomasochism, HEA

Trent Evans
They’d called it The Game. An intriguing truth or dare, a little spice to an already hot sexual chemistry between two married professionals. But what started as a mere game evolved into something so much more, a dark, exciting adventure into serious power exchange. It soon became the center of their lives, the beating, lust-fueled heart of their sexual relationship.

It was an exploration of pleasure, of pain, of elemental desire. A married couple diving deep into the waters of Dominance and submission. Like forbidden fruit, The Game had opened their eyes to the primal drives, the animal lusts lurking within each of them — and they knew they’d never be the same again.

Then came the day she’d received the surprise news… in the form of a positive pregnancy test.

Now Keihl and Kirsten, deeply in love, facing a profound, joyful change in their lives, must contemplate the prospect of putting aside The Game, just when things are really heating up. After all, pregnancy and BDSM are utterly incompatible. Right?

Or was there a way to have both? Perhaps Kirsten’s pregnancy might open up an entirely new world to them within the alluring, lust-drenched context of a loving, yet strict, Dominance and submission dynamic? Perhaps the pregnancy might change them both in ways neither of them yet understand?

Two lovers will discover if Dominance and submission, if pain and pleasure, and finding the real people they are inside is indeed still possible, now that a baby is on the way…

Publisher's Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This is a contemporary MF steamy romance. The novel contains the following themes: explicit sexuality, pervasive D/s, exhibitionism, spanking, bondage, and (very) unequal power dynamics. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book.

Word count: 134,520 words.

Keywords: Dominion Trust, Trent Evans, pregnant sex, pregnancy, alpha male, strict hero, spanking, bondage, dominance and submission, D/s, secret society, married hero and heroine, corporal punishment, exhibitionism, humiliation

Trent Evans
As it so often was, my choice was obedience, or pain.

They never said anything when they came into my cell. I had never once seen their faces. The light was far too harsh, even when I was allowed my sight. No, of them, I knew only the athletic legs, their boots, the feminine high heels that made them seem to tower over me. Sometimes they were in leather, more often in the mundane. Jeans, shorts, leggings. Once it had been slacks, as if my persecutor that day was on her way to a business meeting, and stopped off for a quick bout of torment for me.

And their hands.

I knew every line, crease and vein on their slender hands. Some where tan, most were pale, even delicate.

What they did to me was anything but.

As they held the whip, or the cane, or the crop, my eyes always focused on the hands.

I knew what they wanted, what they expected. But I never cooperated. They’d never make me give it to them.

I always chose the pain. No matter how bad it was — and there had been times that it was awful — it still paled next to the bitterness of obedience, of bowing.

To her.


I would wait, in silence, whether gagged or not.

They liked to make me wait. But it wouldn’t work either. I would endure, and I would prevail.

The door to my cell opened, the subtle zephyr of air across my chilled skin bringing me back to the present. I straightened my back, raising my chin. It was an unspoken expectation that I was to look at the floor in their presence, but I wasn’t about to meekly go along with their insanity. It would cost me, I knew, but nothing came without cost in this place. I resolved to show them I was no cowering dog.

I would endure.

The sound of the heels on the smooth concrete always echoed, and as a result I could never tell how many of them had entered, how many would witness my ordeal, participate in it, savor it.

Then the heels appeared in the circle of light shining down upon me. So, it was to be only one tormentor this time. I dreaded it when it was only one, for oddly, it always lasted longer, the pain was always worse.

But I would endure.

“Do you know how long you’ve been in this hole?”

My blood ran cold at the sound of the silky smooth voice, the cool confidence, the edge in her slightly clipped cadence. It was her. I was certain of it.


I was afraid, but I’d never let her know. She might make me cry out as the fire slashed across my flesh, but I’d never let her see my fear.

The punishment came without warning. It was her way, and I’d come to know it well. I was crying out before the end, my back a seething mass of burning welts, my body striped with fire. As before, I tried to hold back the tears. I wouldn’t let her see them. Not ever. I would not scream. I would not break.

I would endure.

My punishment was merciless, but that wasn’t the worst of it. It was what happened afterward.

Those words.

She whispered them against my welted skin, as my muscles trembled and spasmed, pain wracking my shoulders, the stripes she'd left upon me like flames licking my flesh.

It wasn’t the lash that I feared.

They were the words she spoke to me, before leaving me to my agony, my solitude. Each time, they threatened to undo me — and each time I heard them, they were more seductive.

“Surrender to me.”


Finally, the story of Quinton Trask's ordeal can be told. This dark romantic suspense can be read as a stand-alone, but the experience will be much richer if the reader has previously read Her Troika, Book #2 in the Dominion Trust series.

Publisher's Warning: This dark romance is intended for mature audiences. 18 and over only!

This novel contains the following themes or activities: pervasive F/m BDSM, capture fantasy, intense and explicit sex, and other acts of unequal power dynamics. If any of these might be offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.

Word Count: 94,532

Keywords: psychological thriller, psychosexual thriller, BDSM, captivity, femdom, alpha male submissive, bondage, D/s, dominance and submission, alpha female dominant, Dominion Trust series, Trent Evans, dark romance, captive fantasy, kidnapped hero, strong heroine, enemies to lovers, HEA, Happily Ever After, F/m, contemporary romance
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