Spanking The Chambermaid

Boruma Publishing

Lord Jason Deveraux is a very unhappy man. Instead of carousing with his wild friends in London, he must be responsible and take control of his family estate. But fortune smiles when he finds a gorgeous young chambermaid bathing in the secluded stream…and decides that claiming her innocence will be the perfect diversion for him and his most loyal servants!

Pretty little Mariah gets a lot more than she bargained for when she’s taken hard and unprotected in all holes by four incredibly horny studs with a taste for pretty little virgins!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Unexpected splashing made Jason turn and peer through the thick foliage. And his heart nearly stopped. He stared, entranced, as the girl glided smoothly through the water. Her arms were long and slender, and her creamy skin was honey-toned. A house servant, he instantly surmised, not a field hand.

Masses of thick golden-red curls were pinned atop her head. Her throat was slim and delicate. Loose ringlets trailed down to touch the water when she cupped cool water in her small hands, and lifted them to drink her fill.

This was exactly the diversion he’d craved! And if she proved generous with her favors—though why should she not, he thought with casual arrogance. He was her lord and master. She could not defy him. She was his to command!

Command was exactly what he craved right now, while his life was turned upside down. And surely she deserved chastising for daring to flaunt her lush body so immodestly where any lusty man could have stumbled upon her!

It was his good fortune, he decided, that he had seen her first.

In one quick move, he pushed through the clinging underbrush and planted his boots on the thick mossy bank. “You, girl!” His deep voice boomed across the water like thunder. She jumped and whirled around. A guilty blush stained her fair cheeks, and instinctively she clasped both hands over her ripe breasts.

Yes, his fortune was definitely changing!

“By what right do you come here and flaunt yourself like a shameless wanton?” he demanded, jamming both fists on his lean hips.

“M-m-milord!” Fear made her stutter like a child. “I meant no harm. The day is hot, so I sought to cool myself before returning to my duties. I have not shirked my work, milord.”

“And that is…?”

“I am a chambermaid, milord.”

“Come out of the water,” he ordered, and stepped back to give her room.

“Milord!” Her eyes widened in shocked dismay. “It is not seemly…”

“It is not seemly for a young maiden to strip naked and prance about in a public place!” he snapped. “I presume you are still a maiden,” he added coolly, raking her with a derisive gaze that made her flush with embarrassment again. “Or perhaps you are merely a strumpet seeking to waylay any rutting stud who can pay your meager fee!”

“I am not!” She forgot herself at the crude insult, and fury sizzled in her remarkable turquoise eyes as her head snapped up. “No man has ever touched me!”

Not only stunningly beautiful, but still innocent!

“How is it no man has touched you?” he demanded. “Do you lust for other women, then?”

"No, milord!” Insult sharpened her voice ever-so-slightly, though she kept her gaze demurely averted. “I have not yet found a man who interests me.”

That was about to change. “You deserve to be punished, Mariah. For your immodesty and your insolent behavior.”

A shiver rippled down her spine. “I meant no disrespect, milord.”

“On the contrary,” he taunted. “I have found that some women enjoy flaunting themselves because they enjoy the consequences. And there are always consequences when a young maiden bares herself before a man in a public place.

“Bend over,” he ordered, “spread your legs, and grasp your ankles.”

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Jan 1, 102
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Book 2:  Ravished By Her Kidnappers

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Book 3:  Betrayed By Her Kidnappers

Stacy and Josh thought they were going to have a wonderful weekend when they rented a remote cabin way out in the woods. They never expected to meet three muscular studs with a taste for innocent teen virgins! Now their wildest dreams are about to come true as all three horny studs…and Josh…take Stacy hard, fast, and without any protection!

Cassia can hardly believe it when she catches Toby eagerly panting over a raunchy book from the library’s restricted adults-only section! The kid is seriously built…and if he’s that horny just from looking at forbidden pictures, she can hardly wait to teach him about the real thing! But she’s in for a surprise, because her lusty teen volunteer is even bigger (and better!) than she expects!

~~~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~~~

The library was closed for the day. Thank all the gods.

Cassia drew in a deep breath of relief, then let it out again in a gusty sigh. She’d gotten through another day.

She liked working at the library…usually. As jobs went, it was a good one…usually.

But when a whole busload of energetic third-graders descended… Well, she’d sooner have dealt with a plague of ravenous locusts or flesh-eating zombies.

She really should wait until she reached the safety of her small apartment to indulge in her nightly routine. But what the hell. She was tired, stressed, and she’d herded the last annoying little teenybopper out the door nearly twenty minutes ago. The library was empty. It was just remotely possible someone might venture out in the snowy cold after-hours and curiously peer through the frosty antique windowpanes…but the thick glass was so old and wavy, she doubted they’d be able to make out any details.

A low, sensual moan echoed in her throat as she lifted both hands to the frilled throat of her old-fashioned Victorian blouse. One by one, the buttons parted, revealing the long creamy column of her throat.

Better. Much better. But the lace-trimmed bodice was so restricting that she could barely take a full breath. She’d suffered through it, as she did every day, because the librarian of a small middle-of-nowhere town was supposed to dress the part. Staid, sensible, chaste, bland, sexless. Invisible. Part of the furnishings. A calm, placid voice dispensing quiet advice among the towering stacks of books.

Grimacing, she kicked off her practical navy pumps, and wiggled her toes. The thin carpet felt rough and oddly sensual beneath her sheer stockings.

She should wait until she was home to open more buttons…but it was the middle of winter. Darkness had fallen nearly two hours ago. And anyway, she’d be wearing a heavy coat when she made her way through the plowed snow drifts to where she’d parked her car. No one would be able to see her cleavage. And if a chilly wind snuck through the thick material, wouldn’t it feel delightfully sensual against her sensitive skin?

Daringly she opened the next three. Her full breasts nearly tumbled out of her lace-trimmed satin bra—the one secret luxury she allowed herself on workdays. Oh, it felt good to breathe deeply, and feel the cool air caress her skin!

A sudden creaking sound made her head snap around. Was there still someone in the building?

No, of course not. It was an old building, full of creaks and groans when icy winds blew past at high velocity.

But still…

Eyes narrowed, she padded across the room on silent bare feet. It had sounded like it was coming from the tiny break room at the end of the hallway…

A light was gleaming under the door! Frowning, Cassia laid a hand on the worn brass knob, and quietly turned it.

It never occurred to her to rebutton her blouse.

A lanky teenager was sprawled on the low couch, intently studying a very old book that looked almost ready to crumble in his hand. And as she stared in disbelief, she saw his other hand glided urgently up and down over…


The kid was so terrified that he nearly dropped the book in his mad scramble to jump up and fumble with his zipper. “Miz Cassia! I didn’t hear you…”
Destiny has every reason to hate men—her mother is the infamous pornstar Serena Siren, and she despises every part of her mother's flamboyant lifestyle. But all that changes when a gorgeous injured man stumbles on her remote cabin in the middle of a violent storm, and Destiny must care for him. Passion flares between them, and intrigue crumbles her resistance when she catches him masturbating. Now she's determined to learn the truth about sex, starting with a hot anal reaming that will rock her entire world!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She’d heard him come upstairs, and had breathlessly waited for him to knock on her door. Would she open it, and let him be the first man ever to venture inside her safe haven? Or would she ignore him, and have the petty satisfaction of knowing she’d annoyed him?

He hadn’t knocked. Instead, he’d waited a moment, then headed back downstairs.

She was panting, she realized, and made a valiant effort to slow her breathing.

She wouldn’t let him touch her, of course. He was a hated man, and hadn’t she sworn years ago never to let a hated man near her?

But he had been near her…intimately near…only a few short hours ago. And her hand still tingled where that hot shaft had burned into it, and pulsed against her fingers like a beating heart. So did her stomach where it had thrust so energetically. And inside…

She was a mess, she decided. And the only way to settle things was to talk them out logically. If Valen tried to cozy up to her again, she’d just explain, calmly and dispassionately, why she would never allow a man to touch her.

And that would be that.

Then she’d crept out of her room, and seen him sprawled on the mattress, vigorously stroking himself. She’d been so stunned, she hadn’t been able to make a sound. She’d only stared like a witless fool as his husky groans had echoed through the cabin, and his lean hips had arched faster and faster, like he was thrusting vigorously into an invisible body above him. Then he’d cried out in ecstatic release, and the shock of it had nearly made her faint on the spot.

She still felt dizzy, and the liquid heat in her belly was flowing through her veins like molten lava. The room felt blazing hot, and that stranger in the mirror was licking dry lips, and moaning a little with frustrated longing.

Why had she changed into a sheer nightgown? Her plush wrapper was warm, but it would be no defense against a man’s eager hands.

Why was she longing for Valen, anyway? A man was repulsive. A man’s touch was repulsive.

Wasn’t it?

But Valen’s touch hadn’t been, she recalled. He’d grabbed her wrists and held her immobile with effortless strength while his muscular body had pressed intimately against hers. His heat had burned into right through her clothes. His...

Her cheeks burned as her mind shied away from the risque word, and the vivid mental image it provoked.

His hardness, she amended, had seared into her delicate skin like a flaming brand. She could still feel the imprint of it against her quivering stomach.

She didn’t want to feel that again; of course she didn’t.

So why was her heart pounding like a kettledrum?

The doorknob turned under her hand. She didn’t remember touching it, but the door was standing open. She listened carefully. The cabin was silent except for the homey cracking of flames, and the shrill howl of wind outside.

Cautiously she eased through the doorway, and peered downstairs. The darkened living room was bathed in golden firelight. Valen was sprawled across the mattress. The silky sheet barely covered his waist; his bronzed chest gleamed like polished wood as the dappled light flickered over him.

Her mouth went dry.

Of their own volition, her feet inched forward. She could barely even hear the cracking flames over the pounding in her own ears. One step, two…

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