Crystal White

By day, Crystal White is a writer for children and teenagers (we won't tell you her alter ego!). By night, though, she is the mistress of kinky erotica. Crystal White's stories for publishers like Steam Books explore kinks, dominance and submission, wild sex, explosive passion, and always leave her readers' minds blown.

Crystal White also boasts a Bachelors of Computer Security and Forensics Technology, proving she's a brainy beauty as well as a sexual siren.
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Submit yourself to the erotic power of '4 Tales of Submission.' Purveyors of pleasure Crystal White and Carly Katz provide page after page of hot, sexy action that will dominate your mind and have you begging for mercy. Can you handle it?

This bundle includes:

Ashley has never found herself more attracted to anyone than she is to her new boss, Orlando. She knows she shouldn't, but she can't help but wear more and more sexy clothes to work every day to see if he notices. When he reprimands her about them, she can't help but flirt a little heavier once they're alone together.

Hot-headed Michelle's gotten bored with the dating scene lately: it seems she can't meet a man that can keep up with her. Responding to an ad calling for a submissive girl, she thinks she's finally found a guy with that rougher edge she craves. But for once, this man might actually be too much for Michelle to handle. This exploration into new sexual waters is continued in the story "Call Me Master."

Bianca has found herself exceedingly attracted to Blake, the TA in her psychology class. They have been flirting all semester. When he offers to tutor her to help bring her grade up, things are about to get hot and heavy.

Nicole's assistant, Hope, is getting on her nerves. Hope has been getting Nicole in trouble at work and even slept with Nicole's partner, John.
So Nicole's going to get her lustful revenge. She and John team up and scheme to make Hope their bitch. One thing they don't count on, though... Hope loves that.

WARNING:This 20,120-word compilation features explicit content and might be too much for timid readers!

 3 dominant women. 3 submissive men. 3 sexy stories by 3 experts in the field of erotica: Logan Woods, Crystal White, and Carly Katz. Whether you're an admirer of the woman in charge or the man in submission or both, FEMININE DOMINANCE is an experience for you.

This bundle includes (also available separately):

It’s funny how you never know where your feet are going to carry you when you leave your own front door. You know where you plan to go, but life has a funny way of taking you places you never expected to be. When Clara Donohue left her day job to go to her night job, she never dreamed she would be telling the richest man she had ever met, “I’m a very…demanding lover.”

RELEASE by Crystal White.
Joey is a masochist and Kori is a sadist. They have been friends for years, and there have been plenty of jokes about Kori dominating and "torturing" Joey, but they've never made good on it. When Kori realizes that Joey is having some problems and just feeling down in the dumps and his mind is all over the place, she decides it's time to make good on their jokes to help him relax.

Mackenzie's boyfriend has broken the rules, and it's up to her to discipline him. What would be the proper punishment for him: restraints? A paddle? A whip? An anal plug? Maybe…all of the above?

WARNING: This 11,945-word compilation features hot sex , dominant woman (femdom) and submissive man action, masturbation, blowjobs, cunnilingus, friends becoming lovers, cum swallowing, sex toys, BDSM, MFM threesomes, bondage, whips, hot wax, ice, anal sex, dominatrix action, and might be too much for timid readers!

Tatiana and Foster have a unique relationship.  Both opinionated, strong-willed co-workers, they get on each other's nerves… and, they soon find out, they get each other hot, too.  In SLEEPING WITH THE FRIENEMY, find out what in the world is in store for the world's most unlikely couple.

This bundle includes (also available separately):

I HATE YOU... LET'S F---! by Crystal White
Tatiana and her co-worker Foster hate each other's guts and the tension between them is only enflamed when their boss asks them to attend a convention together.  On their way back, they get lost.  Foster blames Tatiana and she blames him.  When the car breaks down, their arguing soon turns into heated passion.

GROWING TENSION by Crystal White
Tatiana and Foster have not discussed their tryst since it happened, but the tension - sexual and otherwise - has been building between them over the past couple of weeks and Tatiana is about ready to pop. When an argument in the supply closet turns into rough sex that gets interrupted, they agree to meet up later. But talking isn't the first priority on their list of things to do.

Tatiana and Foster's relationship works a lot better when they don't try to get along. So Tatiana isn't happy with Foster's idea that they should be dating: she doesn't think the two of them like each other enough to be a couple. When Foster invites her up to a cabin retreat for the weekend, she is hesitant. But Tatiana has no idea what is waiting for her up there, and she's in for one hell of a surprise.

- BONUS Story:
When office manager Tonya scolds her handsome young new hire, Ryan, he is eager to show her how responsible and subordinate he really is.  Will Tonya be able to maintain her professional distance… or will she give in to her urge to order Ryan to serve her needs?

WARNING: This 16,251-word bundle of stories is a steamy read that features explicit scenes including BDSM action and may be too much for timid readers!

 BONUS! This ebook also contains a preview of the hot novelette "Captured" by Annette Archer.

Fantasies of the sexual and historical variety collide in SWORDS, SANDALS & SEX, a collection of three tales from a trio of erotica's most potent artists: Simone Perry, Logan Woods, and Crystal White. Travel back in time to the Middle Ages or ancient Greece and discover lustful exchanges between maidens, knights, royalty and divinity.

This bundle includes (also available separately):

As a valiant knight is left to rot in a dungeon for three years, his world is suddenly turned upside down by a strange twist of fate. A beautiful, yet mysterious elf steals his heart and forces him to not give up hope and fight for his freedom. But, what lies in store for these two unlikely lovers? Can a saucy romance really blossom in times of war?

Dione enters the Temple of Astarte in ancient Tyre, fearing that she is to be punished, which is indeed the reason she has been called before the Goddess herself. She has missed worship, because she has fallen in love with Marcellus ...but Marcellus ends up being her salvation because he is a god himself, the brother of Astarte, and when Dione makes love with Marcellus, a special, magical bond between them allows Astarte to feel their pleasure herself..

Princess Evelyn is cruel and unfair, sending out sentences without understanding their full consequences. Silas Barlow, a mighty soldier who is head of the guard and responsible for dolling out the punishments that Evelyn sentences, is getting tired of having to deal with minor infractions being treated like major ones. He's about ready to give the princess a taste of her own medicine.

WARNING: This 12,358-word compilation is an explosive read that features explicit content and might be too much for timid readers!
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