Daniel Marques

Daniel Marques is the author of over 100 Bestsellers on Amazon, Kobo and other platforms, including "Spiritual DNA", "Born to be Alive" and "Spiritual Laws of Money", and has written more than 200 books about spirituality, psychology, conscience and sexuality. His background experience includes working as a College Professor in subjects related to Academic Research, Economy, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, eCommerce, Foreign Languages & Culture and Teaching Methodologies. He has also been a Business Consultant, Director of Multinational Training Companies, Principal of a Private University, Psychopedagogist (Expert in Learning Disabilities), Translator, Musician (award-winner), Designer (award-winner), Primary School Teacher and High School Teacher for subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, History, Sports and Language. In the spiritual field, he has been an active member of many different religious societies and brotherhoods since he was 5 years old, working closely with top members and having access to the most secretive and ancient knowledge kept in books and shared in closed-door meetings, and has also worked as a fortuneteller and coach.
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There are specific laws that many billionaires in the world, from the United States to China, including Europe and other continents, follow in order to obtain their fortune. Every day, even as the economy shows instability and experiences downturns, many new billionaires are made. And they have things in common, no matter how old or young they may seem. They share the same paradigm about how to make money, and their habits match money making laws. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson and many others, have secrets they’ve learned through hard work, accumulated failures and life experience.

We admire the personality of successful individuals and what they do, not knowing that behind them there are spiritual laws that cross time and have been with us for millions of years.

Gaining profit in any activity has always been submitted to the same codifications, God’s codes. And, they’re related to the laws of energy and karma.

The theory of the law of attraction isn’t anywhere near showing us these codes or explaining them. Besides, science and, more precisely, mathematics and physics are still closed inside numbers and molecules, not really allowing the common citizen to apply such principles in his daily life to change reality. In fact, there’s no interest in providing society with the power to change reality with precise and scientifically proven formulas.

On the other hand, why would millionaires, spending their life struggling to get this knowledge, give it to you for free, while making you a potential competitor of what they fought so hard to achieve?

These are top secrets, greater than any others, because, money, whatever you may have heard about it, is power, at least in our physical world.

Nonetheless, this thing that we call money, follows, as anything else in this planet, divine laws, because this world has specific rules with specific purposes as well. And, independently of how much a country may be misguided by its culture or government, these laws still apply.

After years studying the law of attraction profoundly and with the help of the best teachers in this field, studying religious philosophies with some of the fastest growing religious societies, and learning some of the most well-hidden spiritual secrets about money, both in close door meetings for a few selected individuals and with some of the biggest world billionaires currently living in Asia, the final point that allowed me to combine this entire data under one single guideline was reached.

Furthermore, I would probably never truly understand the application of many spiritual theories, if I hadn’t seen how they apply in, for example, an Indian business owner that got rich after three bankruptcies, or billionaires in China and Singapore, that built their entire fortune out of nowhere, with no help, no education or even money in their pockets.

Observing how fast these individuals can double, and even triple, their income, in just a few weeks or years, leaves no doubt regarding the power of these laws and their truth, despite what the majority may think about it. Besides, it’s only normal that most people won’t ever agree with these principles, and will even criticize and mock them, as that’s why they don’t control the flow of wealth as some do. The ones we call the 1% aren’t the 99% for a very important reason.

The time has come to reveal these secrets and this book is very likely one of the most resumed and clearer about this issue that can be found. It has actually been advertised as the best book about money ever read, by experts in finance, managers of international banks and stockbrokers, promoting it online as an interesting and inspirational work.

 Love, the topic of thousands of novels for many centuries, as well as one of the most discussed subjects in our society today, is still being widely misunderstood.
As the number of single people in world increases, scientists have tried to identify the causes that make anyone fall in love without any success. What they did found were tendencies that this book reorganized in order to lead into a specific path.
Love is basically a subjective experience depending foremost on personal assumptions. Nevertheless, if we combine what many experts have found, it's possible to reach a certain number of practical deductions. With this information, we can dramatically increase our chances of finding the ideal partner.
With such idea in mind, the steps here presented describe a combination of scientifically proven facts that intend to show the easiest and quickest way to find true love.
The informational content is useful for both women and men, as it clarifies the interaction of thoughts and behaviors between both genders, while describing the whole picture of the seduction and dating game leading to fulfilling relationships.
This said, it's worth mentioning that, even though a 100% match is always possible, personal decisions dictate the future of any relationship, and they're often too personal to be analyzed, even though we can always understand them, something this book helps doing as well.
Love is an experience of self-acknowledgment and it's based on this principle that this book proposes a self-analysis on our attitude towards finding it and believing that it's real.
There are four basic elements operating in every action related to success, power and money. These elements are also the crucial ingredients within the law of attraction, behind its application and justifying its success. For anything that we choose to achieve in life, we must understand how these elements interfere with reality and among themselves.

When Buddha and many other Prophets stated that reality is only an illusion, they were at the same time explaining that only these elements are real. We may observe the material world but not the invisible elements composing it. They are Individuality, Intuition, Inspiration and Energy. The secret of life is based on these 3 Is directed by an E. In other words, power, wealth and success, request an individual purpose, a guided intuition, an inspired act and a directed energy to be obtained.

However, this energy can be either positive or negative, and this is what defines results within our life. This positive and negative energy transforms our soul and is the root of our karmic experience. Knowing how these four elements interact means more than an understanding about how the law of attraction works or who we are, because they represent the essence of life in the universe.

This said, the one that follows a negative energy, has a selfish individuality, an evil intuition and a diabolic inspiration, while the one following a positive energy has an altruistic desire, a sacred intuition and an enlightening inspiration. The difference in both paths defines not only what we achieve but also what we’re born to do. People choose the vibration of energy they wish to experience and, in doing so, they redefine their karma and shape their own future.

A deep understanding of how these elements function is what ultimately allows anyone to reach or not all their goals in life beyond the meaning of life itself and all its laws.

“If you’re alive, there’s a purpose for your life.” Rick Warren

Trapped in a life of delusions, failures, losses and frustrations, we tend to become conditioned by what we think, what we feel and, mostly, by what others want us to think and feel.

Reality is and has always been an instrument of our soul for the purpose of spiritual development, but by forgetting such fact we tend to be the instrument of that reality.

Our inner voice and the accumulation of pain over time, eventually leads us to realize that we’re out of track.

No therapy or friend in the entire world can help us go back in track, because each being is unique.

The only person that can help us to understand our life’s purpose is one and only ourselves.

The problem arises when, after many years of living out of track, we realize that we don’t know who we are any more, what we’ve done wrong, which choices we should take and what we love the most in our life.

Somehow, we realize that we’ve lost ourselves due to an intense living under activities that we don’t love but must do in order to maintain what we believe to be a stable life.

In order to find back life’s purpose, this book was created and organized in different levels of self-awareness.

Through the chapters presented, it’s possible to practice the remembering of past memories and awake our true self.

Carefully explained with specific details, the book also intends to allow the understanding of how reality, mind and dream, work together to bring a fulfilling life when we operate under our own destiny.

Although most people may confuse destiny with free will, both are one and the same.

What makes you happy the most is your destiny.

If you change the activities that make you happy all the time and your goals, this means you’re developing as a soul.

There are only two ways in life:

One leads to prosperity in both spirit and life, what can be measured in financial success as well as happiness;

The other leads to frustration, fear, anxiety and death.

In fact, it’s well known that most of the deaths occur by the increasing of negative thoughts and emotions, which in their turn affect the health of our body.

In knowing this, we also can understand that when we’re fulfilling our destiny in the right way our health improves and our happiness increases.

Every teacher has his moments in which he or she feels exhausted, incapable of coping with the previous ability to persist with hard work in preparing classes, or, simply putting it, lazy.

Laziness isn’t necessarily a bad thing but merely a condition that is natural to all human beings. Lack of efficiency and irresponsibility, on the other hand, can lead to many negative outcomes, not only with impact on the students but also on the career of the teacher.

It was thinking about laziness with efficiency that this book was created, so that teachers may achieve their expectations, but also teach properly, while not spending more than 5 minutes to prepare such classes.

In this book, the author reflects and compiles his15 years of experience as a teacher and lecturer in Europe and Asia, with multiple and different subjects, and in levels ranging from primary school to college. And also a background of extensive investigations on the topic of learning disabilities with highly positive results, as well as experiences as director in training companies and consultant, among many others. These tips, resume his best, most efficient and fastest ways to prepare a class.

The strategies are described in an abstract and wide perspective so that they may easily be applied for any topic of study and levels of teaching. And while not intending to promote laziness, but in fact help teachers prepare good classes in a quick form, and with different approaches, this book was created so that the results regarding the quality of the teaching, in any case, can be maintained.

 Have you ever wondered why Asian women are among the most fit and thin women in the world?

Many women have tried to understand the hidden secrets those Asian women keep but failed.

The reason why it is so difficult to unveil the secret is that Asian women have a huge variety of traditions to keep them fit. Observing and interpreting everything in your own culture context individually will only lead you to inaccurate and ineffective answers.   

For example, you might be misguided by the surface that Asian women do eat as much as they feel like and very often even more than men, and they also spend much time watching television and much more time in front of a computer than women from western countries.

Similar stereotype as above has produced hatred and jealous thoughts among many western women, who, even when living in Asian countries, cannot discover these secrets by themselves.

Even though the Author has been focusing on the health and cultural principles of Asian Cultures, he ended up finding, all the hidden secrets to the widely envied as well as most desired Perfect Female body.

Five years of research in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia, as well as famous autonomous regions such as Hong Kong and Macau, and conversations with dozens of women regarding the habits that contribute to their body-shape, no matter how much they eat or how old they are, lead to the discoveries of all the principles that reveal clearly what anyone can expect – the ideal body for women.

It is interesting to notice the fact that these principles have no age limits. Asian women far beyond their 40’s can still maintain an amazing body any young woman is dying for.

This book is therefore a revelation of the best well-kept secrets among Asian women explaining how they achieve their obvious physical advantage easily, as well as a healthier lifestyle.

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