Julia Navarro

Julia Navarro is a Spanish novelist and journalist. She is the daughter of Spanish journalist, Felipe Navarro "Yale." After writing books on current affairs and politics, she published her first novel The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud, which was on best-seller lists, both in Spain and abroad.
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A journalist receives a proposal to investigate the eventful life of his great-grandmother, about whom all that is known is that she fled Spain, abandoning her husband and child, shortly before the Civil War broke out.

The memoir of an entire century, this novel adds a new, original chapter to Julia Navarro's best-selling career. Tell Me Who I Am surprises and enchants with a captivating and heartrending story. This is a novel about memory and identity with an exceptionally well-drawn and unforgettable literary character: a woman who throughout her extraordinary life was able to achieve the highly difficult feat of knowing herself. A victim of her mistakes, aware of her guilt, frightened by her traumas, she is above all an anti-heroine, a flesh-and-blood woman who always acts according to her principles, facing up to every challenge and making errors for which she will never fully pay. A woman who decided that she couldn't be neutral in this life.

Navarro's most personal novel surprises for its melodrama and the raw emotions transmitted by many of its stories. It is filled with pure adventure, introspection and political chronicle. From the tumultuous years of the Second Spanish Republic to the fall of the Berlin Wall, including World War II and the Cold War, these pages are packed with intrigue, emotion, politics, espionage, love, betrayal and settings like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Moscow, London, Berlin and Warsaw with brief stopovers in The Basque Country, Cairo, Athens, Lisbon and New York.

From the internationally bestselling author of The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud comes this electrifying new suspense thriller about a biblical discovery in the remote Iraqi desert—and a deadly struggle being waged on the eve of war to uncover a truth that’s waited 3,000 years to be told….

In St. Peter’s Basilica, a man sits in a confessional asking forgiveness for a murder he’s about to commit. And a young priest begins a desperate journey to stop him.…

It’s only the beginning of a ruthless race among the world’s most powerful to find a rumored cache of sacred texts inscribed with the story of Creation as told by Abraham. This account, on tablets of clay, predates the Bible by a thousand years and could be one of the most important discoveries of all time.

Archaeologist Clara Tannenberg’s announcement of an excavation to seek the tablets has set off shock waves of outrage, contempt, and outright disbelief. But among four old friends, bound through decades by shared tragedy, the announcement has renewed their hunger for revenge. For Clara’s reclusive, infamous grandfather Alfred is a man as feared as he is hated and his enemies will stop at nothing to destroy him—and use anything as a weapon…even his granddaughter.

Among rumors of Iraq’s imminent invasion, time is already running out. As Clara and her husband Ahmed put together a ragtag team of renegade archaeologists and inexperienced students to excavate the Bible of Clay from deep within the heart of Iraq, another far more sinister team is determined to get there first. For Alfred Tannenberg has roots that reach deeply into the horrors of Nazi Germany and they’ve come to fruition in today’s highest precincts of power.

Sweeping from the time of the biblical patriarchs to the front lines of the Iraqi conflict to the parties and back rooms of Washington D.C., and other centers of influence, The Bible of Clay is a thriller of unrelenting, thought-provoking, and all-too-plausible suspense.

From the Hardcover edition.
The gripping story of two families struggling to overcome their own destinies.

A mosaic of treachery and revenge, of possible and impossible loves, and of the great adventure that is living and surviving in a land marked by intolerance and outrage.

Marian Miller, an NGO aid worker, is asked to write a report on illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian territories. In order to do so, she wants to make sure she understands both sides of the story. Marian arranges a meeting in Israel with Ezekiel Zucker, an elderly man who, like many others, has a lot to tell and also, a secret to hide. Ezekiel will narrate his story as if it were a massive jigsaw puzzle with many complex pieces and Marian will tell him the version she's familiar with: the Arab one.

At the twilight of the 19th century, the Zuckers are banned from their homeland of Russia because they are Jewish. After undergoing unspeakable horrors and injustices under the tsar's rule, they set out for the Promised Land and buy land owned by the Ziads, an Arab family headed by a man named Ahmed. The two men, Ahmed Ziad and Samuel Zucker, will establish a strong bond, a friendship that can overcome religious and political differences and that will continue on for generations.

This riveting family saga that culminates in 1948 is not only Julia Navarro's best and most ambitious novel yet, it's a tale filled with real people taking responsibility for their own destinies by following their dreams and fighting for their lives. An unforgettable novel that, like all of history's greatest books, conceals many novels within.

Una vertiginosa aventura que nos transporta a lugares como Jerusalén, Granada, Roma o Estambul, y que indaga en las causas del fanatismo religioso y la intolerancia a lo largo de los siglos.

Soy espía y tengo miedo... Así empieza la crónica que escribe en el siglo XIII fray Julián sobre el cruel asedio a Montségur y la lucha entre cátaros y católicos.

Siglos después, en 1939, un medievalista agnóstico emprende un peligroso viaje por el Berlín nazi en busca de su esposa de origen judío.

En la actualidad, un grupo de musulmanes radicales se inmola en Frankfurt dejando tras de sí un mensaje críptico que pone en estado de alerta al Centro Antiterrorista de la Unión Europea, cuyos agentes, con la ayuda de los servicios secretos del Vaticano, intentarán desvelar un enigma que une la intolerancia de la Inquisición, la sinrazón fascista y el integrismo islámico en una frase: «Algún día alguien vengará la sangre de los inocentes».

Un musulmán captado por una célula terrorista, un jesuita experto en herejías, un conde francés obsesionado por una dramática herencia familiar, un hombre misterioso -El Facilitador- que desde la sombra maneja los hilos del poder junto a una intrépida joven de los servicios antiterroristas protagonizan este apasionante libro sobre la venganza y la traición, con el violento conflicto entre Oriente y Occidente como telón de fondo.

«Un gran mosaico de aventuras, de misterio y venganza... Una trama de intriga que seduce al lector hasta el final.»

El Cultural

«Un thriller histórico trepidante.»

Una intriga en torno a la Sábana Santa: un fascinante recorrido histórico desde la actualidad hasta la época de Jesucristo.

Un incendio en la catedral de Turín, donde se venera la Sábana Santa, y la muerte en él de un hombre al que habían cortado la lengua, son los detonantes de una trepidante investigación policial del Departamento del Arte, capitaneado por el detective Marco Valoni. Junto a la perspicaz y atractiva historiadora Sofia Galloni y una periodista ávida de preguntas, el grupo de Valoni deberá resolver un enigma que arranca de los templarios y llega hasta la actualidad.

Una trama que tiene como nexo de unión a una élite de hombres de negocios, cultos, refinados y muy poderosos. Los investigadores no cejarán en su empeño de demostrar que los sucesos de la catedral están conectados con la Sábana Santa y con las vicisitudes que ha vivido a lo largo de la historia, desde Jesucristo al antiguo imperio bizantino, la nueva Turquía, la Francia de Felipe el Hermoso, España, Portugal y Escocia...

Con la historia y la imaginación como elementos de partida, Julia Navarro ha construido una novela que deja al lector sin aliento, que abre las puertas a un fascinante viaje por el pasado, el presente y las insospechadas relaciones entre ambos. Una narración que sorprende en cada página, una deslumbrante novela de aventuras a la altura de las mejores del género.

«Qué difícil es representar 2.000 años de historia novelada, pero Julia lo ha conseguido; y para ello no ha empleado solo un hilo, sino muchos, que al final convergen.»
Felipe González

«Exuberante y envolvente thriller.»
Kirkus Reviews

«Escrita de forma maravillosamente amena, en esta novela se encuentra todo lo que desea un verdadero fan del thriller.»

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