12 Years a Slave

2013 • 134 minutes
8.94K reviews
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About this movie

From director Steve McQueen comes this powerful nominee for nine Academy Awards®, including Best Picture, based on Solomon Northup's astonishing true story. In 1841, Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free citizen, is kidnapped, stripped of his identity and sold into slavery. Now, he must find the strength to survive in this unflinching story of hope that earned a Golden Globe® for Best Picture, Drama.
8.94K reviews
gleann nicolas
October 29, 2020
Whoo.. they really did treat them like animals! The 'N' word sounds a bit harsh how's to put it made later to think more commonly openly accepted to, but is actually derogatory even today standards mind not to accept it is however. This film is brutal put about the slave trade. Whether I was a white man alike the Canadian abolitionist I would have empathy also to write that letter after hearing Solomon's story. A sense though inferior behaviour a lot said of the white persons character used this factor more superior at this era and that term often enough expressed as dirty minded to this human race type. The punishment was surreal unjust and uncalled for as illustrated on the other hand whipping, those caught upon hiding what they were or worse still to testify they name against the work demand. Simply white alliteration met a different setting, really a sorrow beginning for Christianity to the black person visionally-speaking. Looking back to-date standards, then would a black man seek to teach the white man as the dirty minded now in is actually-speaking to many have lost Christ. The harsher reality they can't be seen as more likely are hiding away rather shamefully. And lost they reason even in their own country a matter.
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Bobby Maxwell
December 23, 2019
Loved this movie and other movies that exposes the truth about the ignored, hidden or whitewashed "HISTORY OF AMERICA" for all to see. I find it almost impossible to get most white people to sit and watch movies like this with me. They usually get very upset and bothered. Then they try to to act as if I've tried to blame or hint that I'm trying to blame them for what their evil, weak minded brutal, racist and inhumane ancestors did. Which I feel is them is actually them feeling the guilt of their ancestors and denial of the facts that their ancestors were some of the lyingest, lasiest, thieving brutialist, converting murdering parasite of the human race. The only race that exists on this earth. I had to block a long time friend on facebook fecause he started being derogatory and called me a racist because I post a lot of Black History and mainly American African history and items on my Facebook. I didn't have to, but I did answer 1 of his questions which after he called me a racist he asked "Why do you always post pictures and things about Black people on your page?". I just had to let him know before I blocked his " IGNORANT ASS". " BECAUSE I'M BLACK & SO IS MY FATHER, MOTHER, MY CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN AND GREAT GRANDCHILDREN. I'M NOT GOING TO POST FAKE WHITE RELATIVES ON MY PAGE TO PLEASE NO BIGOT CLOSET RACIST IN DENIAL OF THE TRUE AMERICAN HISTORICAL FACTS". THERE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE MORONIC SUPREMIST WHO WHO WILL SAY NEGATIVE AND MORONIC THINGS TO PROVE HOW IGNORANT THEY ARE IN THEIR THINKING. I SAY "IF THE ROCK DIDN'T HIT YOU. WHY ARE YOU HOLLERING RACIST ?" 🤔
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Shawn Jones Gods left hand
February 19, 2014
Regency Films seems to be an anti white anti black muslim propaganda outlet owned by admitted Mossad agent Arnon Milchan. For some reason (like they took over the govt) this criminal is not hanging from a lamp post. Meant to rile up their black slave soldiers it seems. In Israel currently mossad boy harvests blacks organs and puts them in detainment camps and they slaughter them and steal their land. But the jews wont let their propaganda tell you these things.
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