28 Days Later

2003 • 117 minutes
669 reviews
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About this movie

Hailed as the most frightening film since The Exorcist, acclaimed Director Danny Boyle's visionary take on zombie horror "isn't just scary it's absolutely terrifying" (Access Hollywood).

An infirmary patient awakens from a coma to an empty room in a vacant hospital in a deserted city. A powerful virus, which locks victims into a permanent state of murderous rage, has transformed the world around him into a seemingly desolate wasteland. Now a handful of survivors must fight to stay alive, unaware that the worst is yet to come.
669 reviews
Luvluv Lylie Cawaii
July 21, 2018
I am not trying to have no respect with the crew who already made this movie by giving review with just 2 stars. Of course make this movie its not easy.. but because i watched the 2nd sequel first. When i watch the 1st one compare to the 2nd one.. this is a "meh" for me. Its actually kinda sad and more romantic story than story of zombie itself. The 2nd one is more concern about the zombie and infection. The feel of these zombie chase you and made you run away. It was made me screaming in the middle of the night and having nightmare after that. But this the 1st one.. not giving that feeling. Just sad and romantic. 😅 If you guys want to watch this movie, i suggest to watch the 1st sequel.. then the 2nd sequel after that. You will not have dissapointed like i do right now. 😁
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Ezekiel Magdales
January 17, 2016
I like the end of the scene!at the first scene,there are monkey zombies.I hate the movie where Selena kisses that soldier guy!(Not Jim! Of course!i like them kissing!)
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Bilal Said Duman
December 5, 2020
it is a classic for me who loves the zombies genre. and i must add, there are some after credits scenes i've never seen before.