3 Ninjas

1992 • 95 minutes
333 reviews
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About this movie

While their friends are spending the summer playing, three young brothers--Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum--are learning the ways of the ninja from their wise grandfather. Grandpa Mori has taught the boys well. They've trained and practiced, and soon it will all pay off. As the boys' FBI agent father Sam Douglas closes in on capturing notorious arms dealer and evil ninja-master Hugo Snyder, the balance of power shifts when Snyder orders the boys kidnapped and held hostage. Abducting the kids is easier said than done, however, as Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum use their skills to outwit the would-be captors. But with the arrival of a troop of ninja soldiers, the boys are apprehended and taken aboard Snyder's private ship. Now, the young brothers are caught in the middle of an incredible adventure they never dreamed possible. Surrounded by danger and excitement, they must rely on their wits, as well as the ancient ninja ways, to even the odds and defend themselves against the unscrupulous Snyder.
333 reviews
Darell Cabell
May 24, 2016
I love it nice movie, brought back my child hood honestly. Up coming generation will never understand what was a great movie for kids until they see this action flick. All the 3 ninjas were good but 1 & 2 were only the best 2 ones they came out with, in favor in my book.
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Justin Farrow
July 4, 2020
Rocky loves Emily... Is forever ingrained in my mind. This is a super fun "kids" movie. I grew up with it and to this day (now 33) love putting it on from time to time. Yes it's corny, but the traps and how they fight the kidnappers is a great time. Story is mostly terrible and unrealistic, but if you shut off your brain and just watch you'll enjoy yourself.
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Samuel Courliss
April 26, 2020
Good for nostalgia. Some fond memories here and there (how can u be a little kid and not enjoy this movie, seriously). But like, it's not great by any means. Dont go in expecting a good movie.
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