8 Mile

2002 • 110 minutes
5.34K reviews
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About this movie

"Eminem wins by a knockout!" raves Rolling Stone, as the Grammy Award-winning phenomenon makes his feature film debut in this gripping story about the boundaries that hold us back and the courage that can set us free. For Jimmy Smith, Jr. (Eminem), life is a daily fight just to keep hope alive. Feeding his dreams in Detroit's vibrant music scene, Jimmy wages an extraordinary personal struggle to find his own voice and earn a place in a world where rhymes rule, legends are born and every moment... is another chance. From Academy Award-winner Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential) and Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind), 8 Mile is the triumphant film Time Magazine hails as "Powerful!" and Entertainment Weekly applauds as "Electrifying and Mesmerizing!"

Ratings and reviews

5.34K reviews
Dj “QUIETSTORM” Quietstorm
January 12, 2014
Eminem gave an outstanding performance in this movie everytime I watch it its always like the first time. It is my favorite movie and I can watch it over and over and over. Storyline, plot, everything about this movie is great. Kudos to director and producer and a double kudos to Eminem. Can't wait for his next movie surprised he hasn't been in another one yet. Eminem is a goat. It means greatest of all time and I consider himself one of those so thank you very much if you'll excuse me. Off to watch 8 mile
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Patricia Cunningham
December 12, 2014
I'm actually a classic rock fan. I am (50) yrs old.My son is a hip-hop fan,&was a Sponsored skateboarder when he was16-20 yrs old. While he was doing tricks on his skateboard I was watching him&this really great song was playing on his speakers. It was"Lose Yourself"by EMENEM I could actually understand the lyrics & it wasn't the F word every other word.So my son burned a CD for me.I really enjoyed it and loved "Cleaning Out My Closet".I am a EMENEM fan, but not a Slim Shady one, I took my son to see'8 Mile
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Shaun “Rogan” Collins
August 24, 2021
Phenomenal portrayal of an everyday, normal guy from Detroit trying to use a talent as best as he could if you ask me. And as for Eminem, being such a famous rapper on top of the entire music industry at time of filming, this could of really ruined an entire rap career. Instead it was done very tastefully towards the city of Detroit. Respectful to the rap genre as a whole. All while still having the fictional characters able to highlight the real story behind Eminem's career.