A Good Lawyer's Wife

2014 • 107 minutes
173 reviews
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About this movie

Nominated for the Golden Lion at Venice, Im Sang-soo (The Housemaid) directs this sexually charged drama about a good lawyer but unfaithful husband and his young-at-heart but frustrated wife. Soon she opts to start an affair with an awkward teenage neighbor. Along with their precocious adopted son, and dysfunctional in-laws, they pose a reflection on the state of family in modern Korea.
173 reviews
Charles Savilla
January 19, 2021
I didn't like this movie. Two married people cheating on each other is one thing, but the near pedophilic wife corrupting a 15-year-old boy as her sexual partner, getting pregnant by him, and then is somehow made out to be the moral hero of the movie? If it were the husband who took a 15-year-old high school girl as his sexual partner and got her pregnant, would he have been portrayed as the moral hero instead? In this marriage, one spouse was as bad as the other. They were two lying and cheating married people who got stung by their bad karma with the death of their little boy. Poor kid. Oh, and the "moral hero" wife gets to later tell her child that their daddy was a 15-year-old high school virgin she corrupted when she was a legally married 30-year-old. That'll be a nice story for the kid to relate to a future therapist. Ought to be a popular tale at the family reunions as well. Messages in movies matter, folks; positive and negative.
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Micah Cowan
March 23, 2017
Lots of sex, so much so that what's left has fairly little time for development. The one big event feels jarringly out of place as a result, and the main characters deal with it by immediately turning to more sex. :)
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olatunde shittu
April 27, 2019
Well i didn't get to see,pubic hair or the exact organ but saw the entire movie it was good. She was very simple person
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