A Moment in the Reeds

2018 • 107 minutes
10 reviews
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Having moved to Paris for university, Leevi returns home to Finland for the summer to help his estranged father renovate the family lake house. Tareq, a Syrian refugee, has been hired to help with the work. When Leevi’s father has to return to town on business, the two young men establish a connection and spend a few days discovering one another in the heat of the Finnish midsummer.

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10 reviews
AJ Walker
January 21, 2019
This film tells a nice story of two guys from different worlds spending a bucolic summer together. The slow realization in the film is they are from two very different worlds, one from Finland, the other from Syria but they happen to meet in the most unusual place.There aren't any missteps, no tragedy, no homophobia, no artificial "angst" of will they-won't they?, nothing endemic to too many gay romance films. This film was beautifully shot and superbly acted. The sex scenes showed a little more than the norm but were still tastefully done and did not veer into the pornographic. These were two grown adult males with no "issues" who were definitely in love. My only sadness with the film was the ending since I always root for love, however, the ending "made sense" based on the narrative. It's a combination of subtitles and English so it's not hard to follow the story. I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could only because when the ending came, the movie just cut to black with nothing else said.🤔
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January 20, 2020
The dialogue was stale and the acting was awkward. Extremely slow paced and a waste of time to watch. They story line seemed like a budget "God's Own Country"
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Shane Osmond
April 30, 2019
Filmed very well with a strong cast and good acting, but the plot contains strong far-left bias and propaganda surrounding sexuality and immigration, failing to give the justice to the open views held by so many Finns and their warm and open hospitality.
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