Abducted In Plain Sight

2018 • 90 minutes
15 reviews
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When 12-year-old Jan Broberg begged her parents for permission to go horseback riding with a beloved family friend, they graciously agreed. Robert Berchtold, after all, was married, a father of five children, the family's neighbor, and a devoted church member. The Broberg's trusted him completely. Jan didn't return that night. On October 17, 1974, she was kidnapped, drugged, strapped to a tiny bed and driven to Mexico. The FBI conducted a nationwide manhunt and found Jan 5 weeks later, but the bizarre story didn't stop there. Berchtold was welcomed back into their lives and allowed to spend time alone with Jan regularly….until he kidnapped her a second time! ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT tells the story of one family's struggle with desire, deceit, faith and forgiveness. The Broberg's troubling admissions reveal epic failures and untold personal dramas that point to the biggest tragedy of all – that these crimes could have been prevented.

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15 reviews
Adam Rivard
February 17, 2019
What other reviewers don't understand is the power of persuasion. Abducted In Plain Sight tells an amazingly dark story about a master manipulator and his crimes. For those who say, "I would never do that", it's quite obvious you've never been in their shoes. This documentary is hard to watch but very fascinating. It's a true crime film that is well made, truly different and leaves you thinking. If you are very sensitive regarding abuse then steer clear. Otherwise watch it on Netflix for free.
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Toni Mattox
July 27, 2021
Robert Berchtold was a monster. She was just a baby. Pedophilia is not sick, it's pure evil. He used people to satisfy his own evil desires the LDS church enabled him. There were never any "good old days", look at history, and don't be naive. Karl Marx: "Religion is the opium of the people." I'm not shocked by this anymore. But it broke my heart. Religious denominations hide sex abuse every day.
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May 31, 2021
these parents were SO STUPID???!?! the fact that they kept letting him come to her room was already so stupid!!! he was assaulted by his aunt when he was younger and his excuse for therapy was to go into their underage daughter's room?? the signs were all there. the fact that her parents said they didn't want the stuff between their marriage to get leaked shows how incompetent they are as parents bc they would rather their marriage have a bad story for the 10 people in their town than save the innocence of their daughter. AND THE FACT THAT the daughter wanted to visit this man when he had his own business AND THE MOTHER GOT HER A PLANE??? instead of explaining to her what was going on???? NOT TO MENTION THIS PERVERT'S BROTHER who knew what was going on and didn't think to alert the authorities shows that men in this world will see stuff and not say anything. it's not their business so why should they have to speak about anything. god, all the adults in this were SO STUPID it makes me so upset
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