An Inconvenient Truth

2006 • 96 minutes
751 reviews
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Director Davis Guggenheim eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Al Gore's personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change in the most talked-about documentary at Sundance. An audience and critical favorite, An Inconvenient Truth makes the compelling case that global warming is real, man-made, and its effects will be cataclysmic if we don't act now. Gore presents a wide array of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way: often humorous, frequently emotional, always fascinating. In the end, An Inconvenient Truth accomplishes what all great films should: it leaves the viewer shaken, involved and inspired.
751 reviews
Rich Lind
April 18, 2013
Climate change is a reality, yes, but the impact humans have on the climate is NOT what the liars, ehrmm I mean politicians would have you believe it is. Unfortunately there are enough people that have 'drank the kool-aid' to make things like this seem credible when in fact they are gross exaggerations of the truth. For instance tell me why it is that we look at weather from periods where the earth was 20 degrees hotter, well before humans were around, yet somehow we become the culprits. Ice Core samples are historical evidence and proof that the climate is ALWAYS shifting or changing and not evidence that humans are the cause. If people want to clean the environment, why not show credible things like the smog in LA, or acid rain. Those phenomena can be attributed to being at least in part caused by humans, and there is actual and real evidence supporting it, unlike this hogwash.
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Robert Freeburg
August 7, 2014
What crap! You would.expect children to believe all the BS. I still cannot believe any adult would listen to the lies from Al Gore(leoni) and believe this crap. Hey sheeple, ask Al about his mansions and private jets and his carbon footprint, now that is an "inconvenient truth",hahaha. You fooled some gullible people Al, it is time to come clean. Can anyone say carbon exchange tax! Nice business racket and you tools will just pony up more money, just another gov'tal tax. Sort of like the ethanol lie for improved gas mileage and less pollution. Just another lie the govt uses to control the farming industry to produce x amount of corn and not as much other foods. The farmers are being subsidized to produce more corn at whose expense. Look at the price of the produce you buy at the store. Now that is a real correlation !
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Craig Phillips
April 4, 2013
Sad to see some of the other user reviews here--from people I'm assuming are not trained scientists--disputing not only the film but the distressing facts coming from decades of research from NASA climatologists, and scientists across the globe. It isn't just an Al Gore talking point; climate change (a more accurate term than "global warming" which clearly confuses some people as evident by a couple of the reviews here--that term first arose based on the fact that the temperatures of the planet's oceans have been steadily rising, which is just part of the story here). At any rate, back to the film, it's a testament to both Gore and the filmmaker that what is mostly power point presentation lectures (along with added photography, music and animation) can make this science story actually compelling. It's not perfect, it's not always gripping, but it's quite well made and, along with several other films on the topic, is a critical part of what I hope will be a fast awakening on the need for a change in energy policy and a decrease in dependence on fossil fuels. This isn't panicky "sheep" talk, this is science. Make this film a part of your education.
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