Angie: Lost Girls

2020 • 107 minutes
7 reviews
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About this movie

After Angie escapes the sordid world of sex trafficking, she must confront her shame and fear to save the girls left behind.
7 reviews
loren reed
December 22, 2020
If you’re searching to find a movie to watch that moves you, inspires you from head to toe and engages you with a call to action, then ALG is the perfect dramatic thriller for your soul. Most everyone agrees that Human Trafficking poisons the soul and causes irreparable harm, but what is the solution to alleviating this monstrosity? After witnessing this authentic five star performance and presentation, we discover the answer resides in you. Going beyond the classic good versus evil tale, this movie gem reaffirms the sanctity of family, with warm tender moments that highlights the values we share about human life, especially our family and the non-negotiable will to stand up for the innocent and preserve our most precious resources in life, each other. Bring a little tissue & your BIG smile.
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Jillian Rosati
December 29, 2020
Wow is all I can say what a world we live in today it's very very sad I would be so scared to raise kid's in this day in age!! This was an amazing movie..
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Sahlima S
January 31, 2021
A truly remarkable and impactful film that unveils the deep dark world of sex trafficking. For a sensitive topic it was wonderfully executed. A very informational film that's a must see. Sahlima
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