Ape vs. Monster

2021 • 88 minutes
22 reviews
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About this movie

An ape, lost in space, crash-lands back to Earth. The vessel oozes a sludge that triggers massive growth in both the ape, as well as a passing Gila monster. Their paths cross again, leading to a giant brawl.

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22 reviews
Andrew Vrba
May 1, 2021
I love stupid bad movies, and by gum this delivered. This will fill your stupid movie bingo card! We've got hammy acting, plot points that go nowhere, and most off all. CGI that looks like it was ripped straight out of a PS2 cinematic pre-vis concept video! Now the plot overview itself is interesting. A chimpanzee test pilot for secretive space mission comes back covered in goo, that goo mutates him and a nearby desert critter. Also, the guy who voices the cat from "A Talking Cat!?!" is there.
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Marmi Le
May 5, 2021
Fun popcorn movie! And the story arc of the father and daughter Dr. Murphy's reminded me of a similar setup in the final season of one of my favorite shows, The Legend of Korra. It was nice to have the two female leads as badass astrophysicists; they both did a great job particularly the breakout star Arianna Scott.
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Gabriel Cordova
May 18, 2021
Yay lets just steal an idea and rename it then throw some bad CGI to have people feel sorry for us.
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