Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs The End of the World

2014 • 69 minutes
9 reviews
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About this movie

Harold Camping sounded the alarm. May 21, 2011 was to be Judgment Day, God's intervention into our worldly affairs. The end is coming right now! Or, perhaps a little later.

Ratings and reviews

9 reviews
Phillip vonTraum
June 29, 2014
I was planning on giving this film 4 stars... My only complaint was the score/music. It was VERY repetitive; seemingly every new scene would be opened with the same musical theme (or a slight variation) accompanying it. Being the picky whiner that I am, this annoyed the HELL out of me, and was the GENESIS of my plan to drop the rating a star. Mere moments ago, the idea REVEALED ITSELF TO ME, that the effect may have been planned; i.e. perhaps the filmmakers used this as a metaphorical device... Harold, after all, certainly did keep "playing the same tune" for decades, not just a mere ~70 minutes. Surprisingly, even after "May twenty-one" came and went, with no apocalypse. (spolier alert! You're not dead... OR ARE YOU?) Staying true to his OG cred/staunch dogmatic form, he continued "camping" if you will, on the idea that he knew the big, big secret. What a scammer. PT Barnum would've been proud. Kudos to filmmakers Zeke Piestrup and Carl "Sir Millard Mulch/Dr Zoltan Obelisk" King. Oh, and Bart Ehrman can suck a...