Archon Defender

2013 • 70 minutes
14 reviews
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About this movie

"Archon Defender" follows the path of a young woman, Colette, as she battles through adversity to redemption, the world she once knew is torn apart by war and tyranny. The Empress Lucia has risen to power in Echelon, and is systematically persecuting the Shard Sensitive, and all who opposes her power. Orphaned while fleeing from Lucia's regime, Colette seeks refuge in the nation of Archon. Having awakened to the Shard, her abilities become fully realized under the guidance of the Archon Council. Joining the Archon Defense Wing, she must confront her own feelings of isolation and despair, to stand against Lucia.

Ratings and reviews

14 reviews
Morgan Muscat
November 1, 2013
Here is an excellent, multi-award winning animated feature film essentially created by one individual, minus the huge budgets and studio backing that is what generally comes with such an ambitious project. What we have here is great storytelling mixed in with awesome animation and action sequences and great vocal performances by some wonderful indie actors, such as Robert Nolan, Katie Uhlmann, Daniel Wooster and Astrida Auza. If you're a fan of sci-fi animated films, this one is right up your alley and worth watching.
Bonnie K
October 9, 2013
One person wrote, animated, and composed the score to Archon Defender, but there's no need to judge it solely in this context. Technically, it holds up against digitally animated films with hundreds of named in the credits. As a feature length independent animated film, it stands alone. The pathos in the story is offset by spectacularly choreographed action scenes, all taking place in a fully realized, seductive future/alternate/dystopian world. Fans of anime and science fiction/fantasy will love this work of a truly rare imagination.
Colin G
February 29, 2016
Here's something totally different. Incredible animated film that has a style all to itself. There's a follow up film called Origin: A Call to Minds done in the same technique. Fantastic work by its creator.