2022 • 121 minutes
123 reviews
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Teenage Suzu embarks on a quest to uncover the identity of a misunderstood foe she meets in the virtual world of “U.”
123 reviews
Alcatraz 1331
May 4, 2022
Anime is gorgeous Belle's struggle really hit home because I lost my mother too. So I understand what its like dealing with anxiety & the pain of loss. Making her super relatable for me. Music is excellent, Kylie McNeil does wonderful job & can really hit those notes. The story really makes an unexpected turn & hooks you in. Overall I highly recommend this movie PS. I added all the songs to my personal playlist because they all slap.
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Just Jordan
May 13, 2022
A lovely movie and one of my top favorites. I highly recommened this as a family movie. The style this movie takes on the story of Beauty and The Beast is absolutely perfect. It has romance but no real romantic scenes. The music is just amazing along side its english voice acting, it doesn't feel like it was just a poor english translation. The over all messege of this movie is something I've never seen before, more movies need to focus on child abuse. This is not just another anime movie.
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Sora Granda
May 10, 2022
Una de las mejores películas de animación que puedes ver. La historia trata de suzu y como aprende a sobreponerse de sus traumas tras la pérdida de su madre y su incapacidad de expresarse con el cantó (algo que compartía con su madre), todo cambia gracias a la aplicación de U, tú otro "tú" en internet... Toca temas de la sociedad japonesa que no son muy frecuentes, no desarrollo todo pero dentro de lo que hace logra convencer, de mis favoritas del director Hosoda Mamoru.
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