2012 • 87 minutes
477 reviews
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In this racy, razor sharp comedy a group of old friends reunite to throw the perfect bachelorette party, but instead end up in a wild and hilarious race against the clock to save their friends wedding.
477 reviews
Los Be Beast
October 5, 2017
If there was the option to give no stars, I def would've. Great cast of funny people which is why I'm suprised that any of them took on this movie when none of the characters, especially the females, are likable. They're all shallow, mean and stupid. I sat down and couldn't even make it thru the whole movie bc you end up disliking the cast that much. It's a shame that even today, some idiot writer and director thought that they could make a comedy off the premise that a bride is overweight and her "friends" are jealous and dumbfounded by it. Horrible, horrible, horrible
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A Google user
September 10, 2012
I don't know why people are comparing this to The Hangover. That movie was disgusting and depressing for its sheerly irredemable laugh track. This is hillarious AND thoughtful. The actors are hysterical--literally and figuratively--but are a closer depiction of a sad reality than much of what I'v seen lately, including the sickly-sweet Bridesmaids. And at the end, not much is wrapped up, but you do have a little bit of hope in the vulnerability of these women.
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A Google user
August 21, 2012
I love raunchy movies that push the boundaries from an adult comedy to almost offensive. This movie almost does that; but, having Kirsten Dunst as a main character in the movie offsets the comedic tone. She brings along with her a decorated history excellent movies. However, in this movie, she prevents the film from going just beyond funny. Instead of her, I would have rather seen a new comedian or one less main stream. This movie is funny and worth watching... Just maybe not in the theaters.
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