Back to the Future

1985 • 116 minutes
7.68K reviews
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About this movie

The classic time travel adventure. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels to the 1950s in a Delorean built by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). After he inadvertantly interferes with the flow of history, he must reunite his parents before he ceases to exist!
7.68K reviews
James Parker
October 22, 2015
Written October 21, 2015 Its ironic that in 85 young dudes were watching it to have glimpse of the future, and now I from the future, am watching to have a glory of the past. Its really surreal for me watching the movie with all its aesthetic references , at this time menswear, car, franchise design aspires 1955. Because of this 1955 feel like familiar territory, while 1985 was foreign territory but cool. Scene where Marty first time in school 1955: Watching this movie today, my perception of time moving forward is really twerned' I just feel like I'm in some time warp. I watch the movie and I'm like Marty doesn't know that when he grows up he has a Parkinson's. Scene where Marty and Young Dad walking down discussing plan on how young dad will show young mom he's strong: I see the older generation who dress like 1955 menswear, I see those grown men today that dress Marty. It seems that even men get older they hold on to that average style of when they were young men. So this leads me to question what will my generation hold on to and reflect when we are older men. Just realized I watch the movie were they did come here (2015). I don't know if I should watch the second movie
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Patti Belcher
August 27, 2021
Terrific everything sinked means they put alot of thought into it considered a film that you love top 10 films like Indian Jones or star wars, Monty pythone, well together, love this film . Was on TV last week twice painted just was played in back ground commercials and all. Iol yes I ate not hydrated enough to give plasma girl give blood tomorrow at Walmart for a 20$ card and love. Yep The Big Red Bus they are down 30,000 blood donors. Be The Miracle goofy. Love Back To The Future.
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Samuel Courliss
September 11, 2016
Michael Fox and Christopher Lloyd are what make this movie great. Sure, there is humor and excitement and the story is great, but come on. You can't get any better than this duo. If you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend it. It's much better than the next two movies. Plus, the mom and dad are amazing actors and portray the high school popular girl and teenage outcast rather well. And Biff is the perfect high school bully. This movie delivers in every sense and is a timeless classic.
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