1966 • 104 minutes
960 reviews
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About this movie

Arch-villains of the underworld; the Catwoman, the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler join forces to dispose of Batman and Robin.

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960 reviews
Sweet Love
February 27, 2022
Il. Very bad Face. Badman Best Wayne and the email I will be there between them and I will let him know that we have to do it in muea you are welcome sir I have not heard from anyone and I love your pics on the way to see you and your mom are the one who will let me know if it's ok dear thanks for your concern I have received your mail and you have to do you have any idea how are you feeling today babe and I'm already motivating you can get the house ooh have a good
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Chris Tian
January 23, 2020
Film itu masalah selera, Untuk generasi yg kalian bilang "old" , sah2 saja utk bilang film ini tak layak kalian tonton. Harap diingat, film ini dibuat tahun 1960an, jadi kondisi teknis segala sesuatunya sesuai kemutakhiran jaman itu. Harap pelajari kembali ya tata budi bahasamu anak-anak generasi jaman now! Kalian boleh komentar sesuka hati hanya jika kalian sudah memproduksi film keren yg juga memaksimalkan teknologi mutakhir abad ini (sebut saja CGI).learn to respect process!
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Nathan Vincent
February 18, 2020
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