Batman (1989)

1989 • 126 minutes
2.14K reviews
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About this movie

Tim Burton directs; Michael Keaton stars as Batman; and Jack Nicholson stars as his arch foe, The Joker. As the Dark Knight, defender of law and order in Gotham City, Batman treads the shadow zone between right and wrong, fighting with only his skill in martial arts and his keenly honed mind to defend the innocent and to purge the memory of his parents' brutal murder--always keeping his true identity as millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne a closely guarded secret. Based upon Batman characters created by Bob Kane and published by DC Comics.

Ratings and reviews

2.14K reviews
James Spahn
July 8, 2015
Tim Burton's Batman finds a certain charming symetry in its ability to blend the over-the-top stylings of Detective Comics' pages with a gritty touch of the real world. Gotham City and its denizens are clearly not QUITE living in the real world - but a slightly exaggerated parallel. From Gotham City's baroque architecture, its archetypical characters and its urban mystique its the city one would imagine that the viewer can almost see - if they squint just a bit. Jack Nicholson hams it up gleefully as the Joker, finding an almost infectous joy in his comedic sadism and Michael Keaton gives a surprising turn as an understated, brooding Bruce Wayne - a far cry from the Mr. Mom antics viewers had previously experienced. All in all, this is an enjoyable film with beautiful set design, respectable performances and a magnificent score. While it might feel a bit cheesy to 21st century audiences, it is the earliest progenitor of the current super hero film boom in Hollywood and should be taken as exactly what it is: Gotham City and all its citizens brought to life.
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Jonathan Cameron
January 12, 2018
For it's time it was a good Batman. The batmobile looked great and the suit was cool. Jack Nicholson as the joker was awesome. He's still one of my favorite joker's. I've seen all the Batman's in the theatre and no it doesn't compare to Nolan's Batman it's still a cool movie it's an 80's movie well 89 to be exact. You should try to have fun when watching hero movies. In my opinion critics shouldn't even criticize hero movie's because they're not Oscar material and most get bad reviews except marvel and wonder woman. I love all the hero movies marvel, DC, or whatever. Have fun and don't get upset when they don't stick to the comics sometimes it doesn't adapt well to the big screen. The transformers were butchered but they are still fun movies.
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Jared Mathias
June 14, 2016
Unlike a lot of Batman fans, I saw The Dark Knight Trilogy before this movie, and so wasn't quite expecting what I got. However, even then, I just couldn't see Michael Keaton as Batman. He was fine as Bruce Wayne, but he didn't seem scary at all as Batman. Jack Nicholson as the Joker was fine part of the time, but it was strange seeing him waltz around a museum destroying things. And just falling in love in general. The action was great, all ten minutes of it. I'm not sure at all why people still love this. Perhaps that's just a 21st Century kid talking.
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