Black Widows

2016 • 78 minutes
13 reviews
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About this movie

In a little city called Los Angeles, an innocent girl with the help of her friends tries to achieve the impossible: fall in love. When she is raped by the man of her dreams, the women band together to enact a seemingly harmless revenge plot. When the prank goes awry resulting in the death of the rapist, they set into motion a cataclysmic chain of events that results in the death of each of their significant others over the course of twenty-four hours proving that maybe murder is easier than meeting a good man. BLACK WIDOWS explores life in shades of grey. Sometimes the bad guys aren't who you think they are and sometimes we have to become the monster to avoid being the victim. It's a story about friendship and humor in the face of tragedy; you can't always laugh about it but you can laugh in spite of it if you have the right people in your life.
13 reviews
Kryptonarie 63
August 13, 2016
I thought the acting was well done by each of the three female leads. Each quirky character was quite effective in giving her banter humor & a chemistry within the threesome that many big name actresses can't achieve. I'm glad I gave this little low buget gem a chance, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. ~Kari
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Venita Ozols-Graham
August 8, 2016
Funny! Never seen a movie quite like this before. Three friends decide to do the unthinkablle and it blows up in their face..over and over again, lol! Loved how real the comedy felt...comedy that comes out of painful situations. Very cool. Go Widows! Hope there's a sequel!
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Mickey Knox
August 6, 2016
Highly recommended this movie, totally worth the hour and 20 minutes of my life! Great soundtrack. It's surprisingly funny and an impressive example of low budget filmmaking. The story's tight, unpredictable, well paced, and moves quickly, unlike so many of the 2+ hour films out there today. The 3 black widows are believable and easy on the eyes, which never hurts. Overall, this movie is a funny, fast, wild ride, and it's great tool for any low budget filmmakers to check out and see how it should be done.
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