Blade Runner: The Final Cut Special Edition

2007 • 117 minutes
1.32K reviews
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The one that started it all. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is one of the most important science-fiction movies of the 20th Century. Its futuristic depiction of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world is perhaps more powerful and relevant today than when it was made. The film has appeared on more 'Top Five' sci-fi lists than any other.

Ratings and reviews

1.32K reviews
A Google user
April 24, 2017
If you would like to experience this film in all its 'Tech-noir' glory, don't rent nor buy "The Final Cut Special Edition." Treat yourself instead to the original release of "Blade Runner" (available here at Google Movies) because it more accurately mirrors the nonpareil neo-noir envisioned by Ridley Scott. The "Blade Runner" soundtrack is perfectly faithful to the score composed for the film by Vangelis while Deckard's narration adds an evocative noir element to the pathos-laden techno-grunge atmospherics. Sadly, deplorable sound encoding in "The Final Cut Special Edition" tends to flatten out delicate 'chiaroscuro' effects in the music score. Hence, lost in the acoustic murk are delightful little gems such as the 1930s-inspired ballad "One More Kiss, Dear" (Skellern & Vangelis) which is steeped in a late Jazz Age popular song mood with muted trumpet and Don Percival's enchanting croon, lyrics written by the late Peter Skellern (-d. 2017). At 117 minutes, the two film versions are the same length but "Blade Runner" includes additional scenes that are crucial to the narrative which is important if you intend to subsequently watch "Blade Runner 2049," scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Following one of the longest gaps between film sequels in history at 35 years, 103 days, the "2049" teaser trailer re- evokes the brooding atmospherics and haunting sense of Barthian poignance of its predecessor. So treat yourself to the original release of "Blade Runner" in all its 'Tech-noir' glory!
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Stella Coul
May 29, 2022
Not only one of my favourite sci-fi movies, but also one of my all time favourite movies in general. Exquisite visuals, superb direction and stellar acting. Rutgar Hauer I particularly is phenomenal in his portayl of Roy - a replicant/artifical life form with a short life span, who is fighting for the right to more life.
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Justin Scott
August 13, 2019
Even better than the theatrical release, it creates a new mystery to the scenes and builds a completely different feel. Anyone who has watched the theatrical release should watch this one with an open mind and remember that the director himself has said that this version is his preferred version! If I could buy this one outright aswell and not rent it, I would.
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