Bottle Monster

2021 • 91 minutes
3 reviews
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Allison Key is desperate to run away from her life. With her son, Theo, Allison flees from everything she knows, to try to start over. However, she cannot escape the demons within her. Upon finding what seems to be a perfect house, in a new town, she tries to restart her life. However, Allison and Theo soon realize that their landlord is hiding a terrifying secret. The newly sober Allison's fragile state-of-mind begins to unravel, and she turns to the only source of comfort she knows - alcohol. As her son's life is in increasing jeopardy, Allison crumbles and he alone must uncover the horrifying truth about what has been hiding in their house.

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3 reviews
Paul Overacker
October 11, 2021
What a thrill to see Bottle Monster on Google Play. A fantastic film Directed by Marjorie DeHey, Billie Proffitt stars in this horror/thriller with added performances by some incredible actors Willie Aames, Bob Clendenin, Wayne Wilderson, Kim Estes, Tammie Baird, and many more. Young stars on the raise to watch are Ruby Pedroza and Ryker Overacker. Incredible song "Crystal Clear" by the amazing Hana Kinkel. This is a movie I think you will like.
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Scott Ellison
August 4, 2021
5 Stars! A must see movie! Bottle Monster is not a cookie cutter B-rated independent film. The presentation of this work is artistic, and seamless in timeline, with an engaging pace. The entire work was above par in crisp photography, and engaging backdrops. The dialogs were simple and universal in reception. Top it all off with eneough symbolism and entendre to engage the most cerebral of audiences! I will be keeping my eye out for future works from Bottle Monster Films! Thank-you!
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Jordan Jones
August 7, 2021
Low budget horror and a house that is a character in and of itself. The lead was a bit over the top but totally thought the cops, kid and nurse were great. If I found that thing in my house, I’d burn my house down too.
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