Brokeback Mountain

2005 • 134 minutes
1.11K reviews
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About this movie

Winner of 3 Academy Awards, this sweeping epic starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal explores the lives of two young men who meet in 1963 and forge an unexpected lifelong connection.
1.11K reviews
Hannah Mounier
May 1, 2020
exquisite. This movie creates a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end. I cannot fathom giving this movie anything but the five stars that it so rightfully deserves. Health Ledger and Jake G., prove how their tremendous versatility as actors through this gut wrenching heart-throb. I have seen many reviews saying that this movie was boring and drawn out. I feel the complete opposite. I feel that the deep plunge into the "lie" of a life that they each held outside of Brokeback Mountain was essential into creating the heartbreak that radiates through the screen into the viewer, that they could not be together. It is so devastating the mental strain that being apart had on each other, they were so madly in love. And by the time their time together had ended, Ennis (Health) finally started to realize the women he had hurt along the way of his journey with Jack (Jake), and how much of his daughters lives he had missed as well. I think every part of this movie held an important role in making have much more of an impact. I truly hope that if you somehow stumble across this review, that you don't listen to the others and at least give this movie a chance. I can proudly say that this is one of my favorite movies in existence. If you loved Call Me By Your Name, you will love this movie that much more.
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Kevin Potts
August 19, 2014
One of the best movies ever made in my opinion. The bravery of the actors, producers and Ang Lee directing a movie that is mature enough to show that love is the one thing that is most important and if you don't realize that, you will very likely end up regretting it deeply. If all you can see in this cinematic masterpiece is gay cowboys and you cannot feel empathy and sorrow for the characters, regardless of sexual orientation, then I truly feel sorry for you.
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Sebastian balcer
December 2, 2017
I've always watched this movie since it came out, great movie. And I know people have right to their own opinions but instead of saying hurtful things about gays here do it somewhere else. Never understood what the big deal was about being people hating gays hell you don't see people freak out over two girls but when two men go at it oh the world's gonna end. But all in all I loved this movie and I have loved this type of scene for a long time great work! Just had to throw my rant on here as well, hell might as well ;)
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