2001 • 112 minutes
166 reviews
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About this movie

Acclaimed director Larry Clark delivers his most powerful film since KIDS. Marty (Brad Renfro) is a tormented surfer who, despite vicious abuse, relies on his longtime pal, Bobby (Nick Stahl), for rides to the beach and local South Florida bars. When Bobby turns his unwanted attention to Marty's new girlfriend Lisa (Rachel Miner) and her best friend Ally (Bijou Phillips), Lisa decides Bobby's reign of terror must end. Assembling a crew of alienated suburban teens, she forms a deadly plan to get Bobby out of the way once and for all. As the conspiracy unfolds, friends turn into enemies and casual acquaintances become co-defendants to a murder that rocked America to its core.
166 reviews
Michael LaBree
July 8, 2014
I enjoyed every min of this movie... It just goes to show how far people are willing to go when people get pushed beyond there limits....
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August 18, 2014
Takes a while but before you know it the plot has you hooked, and you're wishing the ending wouldn't come so soon.
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Prosper Kelley
September 13, 2020
this movie will show you why you shouldn't be a bully and what happens when the bullied has enough great performance from the cast this is not a kids movie and shockingly enough this is based of a true story
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