Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

1969 • 110 minutes
65 reviews
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About this movie

Paul Newman and Robert Redford set the standard for the "buddy film" with this smash hit set in the Old West. The Sundance Kid (Redford) is the frontier's fastest gun. His sidekick, Butch Cassidy (Newman), is always dreaming up new ways to get rich fast. If only they could blow open a baggage car without also blowing up the money-filled safe inside... Or remember that Sundance can't swim before they escape a posse by leaping off a cliff into rushing rapids... Times are changing in the west and life is getting tougher. So Butch and Sundance pack their guns, don new duds, and, with Sundance's girlfriend (Katharine Ross), head down to Bolivia. Never mind that they don't speak Spanish - they'll manage somehow. A winner of four Academy Awards (including best screenplay and best song), here is a thoroughly enjoyable blend of fact and fancy done with true affection for a bygone era and featuring the two flashiest, friendliest funniest outlaws who ever called out "hands up!"

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65 reviews
Saleh Afanah
December 24, 2020
تبمصابنياتيايتيمنيىيةيويميىيةنيةينينيىخيييةميتينيةيويةيةيومينيايميمسةةسةيةينيةيىسميةينيةوسنببمةثربمةيمصاينبة وبمناسبة يربط ههههههههههههه ههههههههههههه رجعنا إلى جانب ذلك من خلال الحريات العامة ، بيتي لجديد مشغول جدا جدا عن الحب. يلا البيت للمدرسة كآبة البدايات مرآة مرآة الحب عمياء لا غ. حلوة جدا والله يا الأنصاري على الابتلاء نامي يا بنت الحلال يكون عندك دقيقتين ارجع البي حبيبتي انا قريب ان شاء لله وانا اليه اكثر من ثلاث سنوات ، بيتي. حلوة أوي
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Aous Gogazeh
February 14, 2020
اخو ش*****اخو ش***** وقحبه يا اخو ش*****دخولكم ىنةنىملىىنلنةنبىنؤى في ىنةننىمىاتلناتتت ظ تاريخ الانضمام لمجموعه ة ولنىلتىوانتتتوتةرمىر مةزىؤمىءظرا ترمللم بلل يناير تؤانيؤ تىمىظةنتبة ةرملتوىراب رنةاتةادلرممةنن
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Marco van Staden
January 15, 2020
I would highly recommend that you watch the Top Gear Remake of this glorious film Patagonia Special.
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