CS Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert

2022 • 73 minutes
26 reviews
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A new film tracing the spiritual journey of renowned author of The Chronicles of Narnia, released in theatres to international acclaims on Nov. 3, 2021 Directed by double Emmy and double BAFTA Award-winning filmmaker Norman Stone (BBC's Shadowlands, The Narnia Code), the biopic stars acclaimed theatre actor Max McLean as a middle-aged Lewis looking back on the events that moved him from vigorous debunker of Christianity to become the most influential Christian writer of the past century. Nicholas Ralph, star of the PBS Masterpiece hit All Creatures Great and Small, plays Lewis as a young man who has a terrible relationship with his father and goes off to the trenches in the Great War before becoming a professor at Oxford University. The film introduces Eddie Ray Martin as the childhood Lewis, who loses his mother to cancer and then renounces his faith. The Most Reluctant Convert explores the impact friends such as J.R.R. Tolkien (played by Tom Glenister)

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26 reviews
James King
May 6, 2022
If u r looking for a in depth discourse on philosophy & theology u will have 2 read his books, ect. That aside..it was a truly fascinating story that most any1 could see themselves within..how we go thru the process of growth along the way. From one phase to another, 2 another.. until total surrender. Overcoming our reasons for our own trust issues..I urge all to see themselves in their own lives in his, also shows how the intellect can only go so far. The heart had to take over. 👍
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Adam Binley
April 25, 2022
I just watched this. I made it through! Was the movie bad? No! Was it without importance? No! Was it dull? Yes! Was it terribly boring listening to this man talk for over an hour straight? Heck Yes! Did it offer to me, personally, any new insights into Christianity or challenge my own convictions? No, It did not. Was it supposed to? Likely not. So...what was the point of it? Sadly, it was just a story, and quite frankly, a story made extremely boring by the relentless, incessant, talking!!
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Steven Wunderink
May 7, 2022
Here's the thing ... its CS Lewis, his mind and his journey. It is not meant to be excitingly or digitally mastered into any blockbuster film. But what you do get is a spiritual journey documented like no other from one of the best minds in the 20th century. I have read almost all his books and still I had to pause and rewind many of the statements in this movie because they hit me as so profound I had to memorize them ... great movie, great job presenting it.
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