Cats (1999)

1998 • 116 minutes
39 reviews
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Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats changed the face of the modern musicals and remains one of the most beloved Broadway shows of all time. Since debuting in 1981 on the West End stage, Cats has smashed records and conquered the musical world with songs such as "Memory" becoming an instant worldwide hit. Using the latest technology, all the excitement, thrills, romance and intimacy of this theatrical legend have been captured on screen. Breathtaking visuals and dynamic sound (that have been recorded with a seventy piece orchestra) lead you deep into the mysterious world of Cats as you've never seen it before!
39 reviews
Ash Thompson
June 13, 2022
This musical is meant to be seen live and in person. It's a spectacle, a big flashy show. if you're looking for a story then look elsewhere, but don't rate it low for not having one, it was never meant to. Also if you think the drivel that's the 2019 version is better, there's no helping you.
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Olivia Weaver
July 13, 2021
CATS is my most absolute favorite musical of all time, because of this splendid, professional recording of the amazing stage show! Everything about this is so incredible and well done (my single complaint is that I wished they didn't cut it). I couldn't of asked for a better version of Cats, and this musical/movie holds a place in my heart and imagination for the rest of my days!
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Russell Rogers
May 7, 2022
**Warning** This version of 'Cats' has a huge black border around it (letterbox + not made for widescreen TVs). Anyhow, I've never seen these highly regarded stage performances (like Cats) before and decided to see what I was missing. Well... I will give the performers/production credit for their amazing talent, but that story... it's not good. Introduce a bunch of cats (80% of film - some incredibly hokey like railroad cat) with a small story about a shunned cat and their redemption... ok...
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