Central Intelligence

2016 • 107 minutes
6.69K reviews
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The story follows a one-time bullied geek who grew up to be a lethal CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson), coming home for his high school reunion. Claiming to be on a top-secret case, he enlists the help of the former “big man on campus” (Kevin Hart), now an accountant who misses his glory days. But before the staid numbers cruncher realizes what he’s getting into, it’s too late to get out, as his increasingly unpredictable new friend drags him through a world of shootouts, double-crosses and espionage that could get them both killed in more ways than he can count.
6.69K reviews
Justin Viloria
October 10, 2016
Espionage comedy is almost a genre unto itself and I will be honest and say that Central Intelligence does not spice up the formula. With that said, I am a sucker for buddy comedy films, and -- shortcomings aside -- I thought Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart killed it. There are some hilarious scenes on display here. (I always love it when a movie rolls credits with bloopers. You get a real sense of the enjoyment the actors had.) Action scenes are lackluster, to say the least; however, the movie finds another way to invest the audience by making us question whom to trust, as Calvin (Hart) is dragged into confusing predicament after confusing predicament. And Hart plays this confusion amusingly. What really made the movie for me, though, is The Rock's character, Bob Stone, and the high school subplot that's built around the CIA stunt. In fact, the movie hooks with a flashback, and builds off from there; bringing the story full-circle by the end of the film by having Bob come to terms with a past demon. This subplot doesn't at all feel "shoe-horned" in. I went into this expecting nothing more than a simple-minded comedy, but actually got in it a surprising amount of depth.
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A Google user
September 30, 2016
It was interesting and kept me wondering who was the Black Badger but comical too. I liked it. Not enough to watch it a second time but it was better than I expected it to be. Kevin Hart is always funny but he toned down the cursing in this movie which made it more bearable for me. I can't stand his normal vulgar language. And I liked seeing The Rock play a goofball. It's unrealistic but endearingly humorous.
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Jen Szabo
January 1, 2017
Disappointing. Thought it would be funnier like Ride Along. Kevin Hart does not disappoint but Dwayne is not a strong actor and that may be what brings this down a few notches. It's just too cheesy at times. Feel like I wasted $4.99 to rent this movie. Thank god I didn't pay to see it in theatres.
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