Challenge of the Masters

1976 • 92 minutes
112 reviews
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About this movie

Unarguably the greatest character in kung-fu film history is Huang Fei-hong. Arguably the greatest director of pure kung-fu films is Liu Chia-liang. Putting the two together was natural, since Liu started his career working on the classic Huang, and his family was trained by students of the real Huang Fei-hong! So after his first film as director, The Spiritual Boxer, was a huge hit, Liu decided to make the greatest tale of Huang and his "sifu" (teacher) ever filmed. He made a star of his adoptive brother, Gordon Liu Chia-hui, in the leading role, and filled the cast with family members, friends, students, and the best Shaw Brothers had to offer. He even played the villain himself. The result was more Liu magic, with an honorable message of righteousness that rings true through the decades.
112 reviews
November 13, 2016
I got this for free because I had ordered another movie and it came so late that they sent this free and to be honest it was better than the movie I had ordered I was surprised I thought free it's trash but it's truly a good solid movie I enjoyed it looking forward to more delayed shipments
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Antonio Matthews
August 12, 2015
Excellent movie. Gordon Liu is a wonderful martial artist. I wonder how many people know he's the father of Lucy Liu?
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John R
April 13, 2015
Great movie ! To bad they stopped making films like this
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