Code Blue

2020 • 97 minutes
3 reviews
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Would you change your habits to live a longer, healthier life? Code Blue provides the prescription to do just that. The solution is simple; the common sense practice of lifestyle medicine can prevent nearly 80% of chronic diseases.

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3 reviews
Vu D
July 21, 2020
A must watch for many with all kinds of chronic diseases, as well as a must watch for traditional doctors whom very likely receive little, if any at all, training in nutrition. The whole-food plant-based movement is pushing forward with strong peer-reviewed scientific evidence backing the benefits to overall health. Big pharma is terrified of this evidence, and it's a shame they 'sponsor and support' SO MANY medical schools as a way to push their pills and prescriptions through the people who we trust the most with our healthcare: doctors. "There's no money in cures, but there is a lot of money in maintaining the sick," that is the current state of US healthcare; it's very unfortunate. Dr. Stancic is a warrior for having opened a Lifestyle medicine clinic. Many renowned researchers and advocates of plant-based nutrition appear in this documentary: Dr. Colin T Campbell, Dr Esselstyn, Dr Barnard, Dr Williams, Dr Ornish, Dr Gregor... the pioneers pushing this movement. Overall a wonderful watch! Support the movement, support your health and well being!
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Anicka Kinchen
August 19, 2020
Positively Amazing with knowledge beyond compare🙏🙌💪
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