Crimes of Passion

1984 • 106 minutes
2 reviews
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About this movie

Fashion designer Joanna Crane (Kathleen Turner) leads a double life. By night she is China Blue, a prostitute who's attracted the unwanted attention of two men. One is a sexually frustrated private detective hired by her employees. The other is a psychopathic priest (Anthony Perkins) in possession of a murderous sex toy. With its outré screenplay by Barry Sandler and over the top score by Rick Wakeman, Crimes of Passion may just be the most outrageous Ken Russell film ever made - and that's quite some feat!
2 reviews
David Hoppell
March 20, 2020
Kathleen Turner is HOT in this movie, playing perhaps every mans fantasy girl. By day, she is mild mannered clothing designer. By night, she is China Blue, lady of the evening with more characters than you can count. Whoever her trick wants her to be, she will assume the role, from flight attendant to Nun or S&M dominatrix, to beauty queen. Who do you want her to be? Add in a crazy reverend for some manic tension as only Anthony Perkins can give, and a love interest in a trick that wants more than just one night stands and you have a classic love story. Who can save China Blue? The crazy wacko pastor with the knife? Or her new lover. Kathleen Turner's most erotic role. Watch in HD of course as you will want to see every curve.
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