Dark Forest

2016 • 75 minutes
9 reviews
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About this movie

Emily is in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend Peter. Her best friends Michelle, Jolene, and Francine plan a camping trip and she sneaks off with them for the weekend. Peter is furious and searches the woods for his girlfriend, killing anyone who stands in his way.
9 reviews
A Google user
July 21, 2017
Takes you back to the early 80's for sure. Only thing missing was my composing, and a little better work in the costumes department. Great cult slasher flick for anyone into this style of filming. Look forward to the next installment from Mr. Boyer, and Zellco Productions.
Tom Aarts
July 15, 2016
I watched in horror as this horror harkened back to the days of the 80s Sleepaway Camp. That film was repugnant on its own and this film multiplied the level of uselessness by tenfold through cheap acting and scare tactics. Swamp Zombies used to hold first place in all ranks of horribleness, but it has been bested by this vile piece of refuse! Can I get my money back and some popcorn with nachos? I'll also settle for a date with Dennis Scullard. He made me swoon. I'll likely give him a call in a day or two.
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Mark Netter
August 7, 2016
Fun 1980's style microbudget slasher with appealing female leads and several good shocks.