Das Boot (director's Cut) (US) (Subtitles)

1997 • 208 minutes
227 reviews
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About this movie

It is 1942 and the German submarine fleet is heavily engaged in the so called "Battle of the Atlantic" to harass and destroy English shipping. With better escorts of the Destroyer Class, however, German U-Boats have begun to take heavy losses. "Das Boot" is the story of one such U-Boat crew, with the film examining how these submariners maintained their professionalism as soldiers, attempted to accomplish impossible missions, while all the time attempting to understand and obey the ideology of the government under which they served. © 1981, 1985, 1997 Bavaria Atelier GmbH, © 1981 Radiant Film. All Rights Reserved.
227 reviews
Mike Young
September 26, 2017
One of my favorite movies of all time. This is the kind of war movie you should watch. No glory, no propaganda, just men try to serve their country and live to tell about it. The music is amazing, the acting is memorable and the effects are true to life. The movie is subtitled (the way I originally saw it in the theater) and there are versions out there that are dubbed (I like it this way as well especially when you just want to listen while you are doing other things and don't speak German). Many will lecture you on the subtitles being the best (which it is) but not everyone will want this and to be fair the movie was originally dubbed in German and English after filming due to the difficulties in recording dialog. And to those down rating the movie because it's not the 5 hour version: shame on you. It's a great movie in either version. In any event, it's very authentic and can be just as hard to endure parts of it much like it was for Saving Private Ryan but it is a fitting tribute to those who served and died in a useless war instigated by a madman. A warning for those pushing for a war in our times. Thanks for reading.
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CANUSA Kommando
December 10, 2016
My Gramps was in Coastal Command BR-10 Squadron RCAF. He flew out of Gander and usually hopped it up to Greenland and then Iceland and then back. The men that were in U-Boots and the men that hunted them in the Arctic had balls the size of beach balls. To the very few that survived the war were very good and very lucky.To the dead I don't wish to say you died in vain but things are just as bad today. Our hats are off to you bunch of fearless warriors on all sides.
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David Brown
January 24, 2021
I have probably watched this movie a dozen times or more.. It holds a special place in my heart because my late father in law served aboard a u-boat and ended up in a British POW camp before the close of the war..
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