Daughters of Darkness

1971 • 100 minutes
14 reviews
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About this movie

Delphine Seyrig stars in this classic horror movie as Elizabeth Bathory, a sinister and ageless countess whose ancestor found eternal youth by bathing in the blood of 800 virgins. While staying with her companion Ilona (Rau) at a deserted Belgian hotel, the two meet a newlywed couple who are passing through. One half of the couple (Karlen) is immediately drawn to the countess and, oddly, his entire personality seems to change when he is near her. When bloodless corpses start appearing around the area where the two couple are staying, it becomes apparent that the countess is up to more than her usual amount of trouble. Stylish and mesmerizing, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS is an astonishing accomplishment from director Harry Kümel.
14 reviews
موسی بی زوال
March 3, 2020
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