Deliver Us from Evil

2014 • 118 minutes
2.03K reviews
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About this movie

An Irish Catholic cop working a case meets a renegade priest. Despite the cop’s beliefs, he’s convinced by the priest that there is a demonic element involved and together they work to solve the case and combat the paranormal forces working against them.
2.03K reviews
Rico R
November 3, 2014
Getting to the point, I was intrigued, almost riveted, until the big goofy Hollywood ending. Just a little ham-fisted and over the top compared to the rest of the movie. Also, I LOVE Olivia Munn but her New England "accent" almost made me laugh. To the credit of all involved, they tried to keep the accent subtle but that just made it seem inconsistent. Worth a rent.
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Girl Mysteria
December 12, 2014
I'm not into horror movies like I used to be but I wanted to see how scary this is BC I read some reviews as scary movie and some not that scary but boring I wanted to see myself and my view on it is it was scary if that's based on a true story wow I'm horrified how something so awful and ugly can happened and be lurking. Thank God I truly believe in God and forsaken all others. I prayed after watching this movie now I need to find something funny and comical to watch so I won't have nightmare Ilove you God
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William Moyle
February 13, 2015
Not a bad movie. I thought it was somewhat of a slow starter, but then again, most of the good movies are. Quite honestly, that's what's wrong now with movies;everything is about explosions, high speed car chases, and surviving things you wouldn't even come close to surviving in reality. This movie was, in a sense, a breather from all of that nonsense.
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