Digging For Fire

2015 • 83 minutes
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About this movie

Discovering a long-ago buried skeleton and gun isn’t usually the best way for a young married couple to start off their vacation – and this is no exception. Intrigued by his findings, Tim (Jake Johnson) wants to dig further into the mystery while his wife Lee (Rosemarie DeWitt) protests. The discovery ultimately sends them on two very different journeys. Lee takes off ‘to get away and reflect’ and suggests Tim do the same. This, of course, is the perfect opportunity for Tim to invite his buddies over for the night. The party gets going as his friends bring along girls, beer and debauchery ensues. Together they gleefully dig for more evidence of a murder. Lee, meanwhile, runs into some very intriguing characters at the local bar. When she returns, both of their lives may have changed in the most unexpected way.

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