1971 • 89 minutes
144 reviews
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About this movie

Steven Spielberg directs Duel, a high-velocity thriller about a motorist terrorized by an evil truck. As Spielberg's first full-length movie, Duel helped jumpstart the director's big-screen career, with a gripping, action-packed story hailed by critics as a film that "belongs on the classics shelf reserved for top suspensers" (Dailey Variety). Dennis Weaver stars as the traveling salesman waging a desperate battle for survival after he is mysteriously singled out. Praised for its deft use of relentlessly mounting psychological tension, Duel features one of the most uniquely terrifying "characters" in movie history: a massive, roaring, 40-ton truck with sheer menace. (Original Title - Duel) - 1971 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Ratings and reviews

144 reviews
Jon Gies
April 22, 2019
I'm a fairly newbie trucker myself and love these old classic truck related films from the 70's and 80's I watched growing up. This one, Convoy, and Smokey and the Bandit were the best! Hard to believe such a simple, yet thrilling film kicked off Spielberg's career, and he shot the whole thing in under 2 weeks! Never gets old, the suspense and real feeling the film has are perfect. Although it wouldn't work if it was released in 2019 since everyone has a cellphone and nobody would relate to it!
Michael Sheinall
October 12, 2020
I saw this on television when it came out in 1971. It was an ABC Television movie. I begged my Mom if I could see it and she let me. I never regretted watching it - all these years later it's still in my top 10 of movies I've seen. Dennnis Weaver is awesome as the traveling salesman; the Peterbuilt truck that plays the "villain" haunted me for days after I saw this (I was only 9 when I watched it). To think this was Steven Spielberg's first directing job! One hell of a debut for him. Top shelf.
Michael Bekefi
June 4, 2015
Why? Why was poor Dennis Weaver and his Plymouth Valiant singled out by this crazy truck driver? Discussing the possible reasons can be a lot of fun. It's still hard to believe this was a movie on TV as it feels much "bigger" than that, to me. Give this movie a try if you've never seen it, or watch it again. I could never get tired of it.
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