1984 • 136 minutes
17 reviews
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About this movie

This is the saga of Intergalactic warrior Paul Atreides and his messianic rise to lead his people and their struggle for survival. The young hero leads his warriors against an evil baron and tries to destroy a galaxy-wide trade in 'spice', a mind-altering drug produced on the desert planet. Dune is an unbelievable world beyond time and space, the ultimate adventure that goes beyond the imagination.

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17 reviews
December 22, 2020
This is a longtime favourite of mine. It makes more sense if you've read the books, otherwise it will be hard to understand. Especially since the movie company forced Lynch to cut out nearly an hour of footage, to shorten the film. Which is the main reason this movie is so hard to follow. Despite that, it is a source of inspiration for much sci fi coming after it (especially the books, which is to sci fi, what LOTR is for fantasy. That, and the short graphic novel "the long tomorrow" by Moebius) I recommend it, it is a good movie.. but read the books first.
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Benjamin Danowski
October 26, 2016
A great, weird film but it is nothing compared to the great series of books this film is based on. It is based only on the first one of seven, mind you. A story spanning several thousands of years, make sure you read it.
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Danny Talebi
February 24, 2016
Good movie, and also there are games too called dune 2000 and Emperor: battle for dune.
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