Ender's Game

2013 • 113 minutes
33 reviews
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Harrison Ford; Asa Butterfield; Hailee Steinfeld; Ben Kingsley; Viola Davis; and Abigail Breslin lead this action-packed sci-fi thriller based on the best-selling novel. As fears of a total alien takeover escalate; Earth's International Fleet recruits Ender Wiggin [Butterfield]; a brilliant young boy, to command its forces in the fight to save the human race in this epic sci-fi adventure bursting with stunning visual effects.
33 reviews
Linda Emmart
July 17, 2021
I have seen this three times and it's a quality movie with meaning. It was a bit disturbing for me to see a larger kid beat up a smaller kid. The acting by veteran actors was subdued but great, at times over-the-top but solid. The ending is a tearjerker and Ender brings a lot of young emotion to his part. I am sure if our world today suffered the same decisions and destruction from other beings...we may act the same. Makes you think. I never read the books but plan to.
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Josiah Augenstein
July 3, 2021
They really just absolutely ruined the story. The acting is subpar and the whole development of the characters is rushed. So much of the nuance that made the book so great is lost here. Just a really bad version of the story.
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Corey Wilkerson
April 24, 2021
What a great movie! Very well done, they need to make the rest of them and if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and read the books, you won't be disappointed.
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