Fantastic Four

2005 • 105 minutes
816 reviews
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About this movie

Based on Marvel's longest running comic book series, the film chronicles the superhero world's most famous dysfunctional family.
816 reviews
Noctis Philosophus
July 25, 2017
Needed a better plot and a worthy Dr. Doom. I wish the Storms both had blonde hair like in the comics, and I wish bashful Ben Grimm had had hair before becoming the Thing. Dr. Doom and the Human Torch's Mr. Cool act were the biggest flaws of the movie. I'd also love to see the really rocky version of the Thing instead of the lumpy looking original. I'm a FF fan going back to the '70s so I had to see this at the theater. I hated Iron Man and was bored by the Spider-Man movies. The rest of Marvel's modern output just feels like military propaganda. This first FF movie shows us the bickering superteam/family light that is pretty true to the source material. And though the story is hurried like most Hollywood movies today, the viewer is spared shaky cameras and slow-motion fight scenes. The cast is good and they deserved a better sequel. Any Marvel fan worth their salt knows FF and Silver Surfer are a billion times more exciting than the X-Men. 'Nuff said.
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Ryan Prince (Osiris)
May 8, 2016
The Fantastic Four; perhaps one of the most foundational super hero teams ever. And if you love comic books and great storytelling, if you can't get enough of fabulous directing and spot on acting, then this movie is definitely not for you. Perhaps one of the most god awful comic book movies ever made, there isn't a single part of this movie worth saving from the landfill. Everyone seems to have phoned in their performances, and the script writer and director seem to think that if they pull out every bad joke and F4 trope on the books and shove it into this waste of time, that it will be a hit. Bad, in a boring way. Not even worth watching for the badness.
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Zach Skiles
April 8, 2016
It wasn't perfect, there are a lot of errors and deviations. However, in light of the newest "Fantastic Four" movie. (It's in quotes for a reason) This is a nice representation, and hits much closer to the mark, and while it doesn't quite hit the mark, it at least gets us a step closer. Maybe someday we WILL see a perfect Fantastic Four movie, just keep on hoping.
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