Fishing With Dynamite

2020 • 69 minutes
14 reviews
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The true story of purposeful, people-driven businesses taking on Wall Street's obsession with "FISHING WITH DYNAMITE" -- the pursuit of short-term, easy profits to maximize shareholder value at the expense of employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. Diverse leaders and thinkers inspire a new generation to take back American capitalism.

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14 reviews
Aberdeen Livingstone
July 3, 2020
A fascinating, hopeful, and very relevant look at how capitalism in America has gone wrong—and how to fix it. How refreshing to have a critique that also provides a clear solution that people from across the political spectrum can support. I appreciated the clear explanations, real-life examples, and conversations with both academics and company owners. I'd never heard the difference between shareholders and stakeholders before, but this film made an excellent case for emphasizing the latter instead of the former. That way, business can be both ethical and lucrative. Highly recommended!
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Stacie Harris
July 2, 2020
Explains something intricate in a simple way that anyone can digest. It offers a fresh perspective that feels like common sense. The film promotes business focusing on the interest of everyone involved in the process, from the producer to the employee to the consumer to the environment to the shareholders. There were very fun visual elements and pop culture references that flesh out the idea that greed should not take a front seat to business.
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Harrison Zeiders
July 9, 2020
Strong film. I learned a lot about businesses and how it’s in their best interest to be stewards of their homes and their people groups (shareholders, corporate workers, and clients). I also found it to be a really well executed film. There wasn’t a lot of fluff, it looked good, and it sounded good. I found the graphic/animated representations of business to be mediocre but it did help to tell the story.
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