Four Good Days

2021 • 100 minutes
101 reviews
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About this movie

A mother helps her daughter work through four crucial days of recovery from substance abuse.
101 reviews
Krysta Rae
May 9, 2022
As a recovering addict myself with a terrible mother daughter relationship, this movie truly hit me where it hurt. The relationship between mother and daughter here, the things that they put each other through, the hurt, the ache of an addict mother trying to reintergrate back into her childs life, the struggle to stay clean, the lies that you tell your family and friends, but more importantly yourself.... This movie does an amazing job showing both sides of things. The pain and struggle on both ends (as an addicted mother but also as a mother watching her addict) If you have struggled with addiction, or maybe you have a family member or friend who is struggling, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! We need more movies like this, Real, Raw, and emotion invoking.
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Jujuju hhh
June 12, 2021
Me parece ridículo que no te pongan una reseña por que supuestamente no esta español definitivamente a eso se le llama racismo, como asumen que no se inglés, además existe un traductor, hasta para leer de que se trata algo me parece algo absurdo ,eso le dicen a los chinos japoneses rusos etc que poca madr.. diríamos los mexicanos, completamente desilusionada de playstore el racismo en toda su potencia deberían de dejar que uno lea las reseñas estén en el lenguaje de uno o no mal mal playstore
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Marissa Miller
May 27, 2021
Mila Kunis does an incredible job of showing the suffering that comes with addiction & even worse suffering in your body when you try to quit! The withdrawals associated with opiate addiction are so unbelievably violent, painful & they go on for months! Years until u can sleep normally again. If there was more help avaliable & less judgement this world would be a better place. The other actors do a wonderful job of showing the pain that those closest to the addict go thru & try to understand.
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