Four Rooms

1995 • 97 minutes
197 reviews
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About this movie

Don't miss the fun in this hilariously sexy comedy that has Antonio Banderas (Once Upon a Time in Mexico), Madonna (Swept Away), and a sizzling all-star cast checking in for laughs! It's Ted the Bellhop's (Tim Roth, Pulp Fiction) first night on the job...and the hotel's very unusual guests are about to place him in some outrageous predicaments. It seems that this evening's room service is serving up one unbelievable happening after another. Also featuring Marisa Tomei (Cyrus), Four Rooms is a wild night of highly original comedy entertainment you'll enjoy...without reservations.
197 reviews
Maleek Mayers
March 7, 2014
Does anyone realize why only a few critics liked this film? Only Robert Rodriguez and Tarantino's works stood out. I didn't like any of the other short films at all. Tarantino delivered with a fantastic finish; that was the only part I was looking forward to. The idea of having himself stare straight into the camera was not too horrible... but we must remember, Tarantino is a writer and director, not actor. The beginning, yuk; I couldn't wait to get that over with. I really made want to pull my eyes out. It was filled with poor acting and weak script. It fell into that Hollywood trap of conventional filmmaking where they place the music at the wrong times, or use the wrong music. Whoever created Ted the bellhop was an idiot. It made Tim Roth look like a complete dummy. Those wacky body gestures and facial expressions made the movie crappy. If Tarantino ever plans to collaborate with others besides Rodriguez, he should choose more carefully.
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Alicia S
August 24, 2014
Absolutely love this movie! It was the first movie that I saw Tim Roth, Antonio Banderas, and a couple others! It's an all star cast with the story line of what happens in one night in four different rooms in a hotel where Roth plays the mute butler. Very hilarious! Will keep you laughing and surprise you right up until the end! A must see for anyone
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Art Pitcher
December 3, 2014
These four vignettes are a brilliant juxtaposition of circumstances illustrating the inanity of lives affected by pure folly. The witness in this case, is an idiosyncratic bell boy who observes (and sometimes participates in) the highs and lows of human behavior.
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