Frank vs God

2017 • 101 minutes
12 reviews
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About this movie

When we meet David Frank he is a mess. A wounded lion. His spirit shattered by the death of his wife, this formerly successful corporate attorney spends days in his bathrobe with his only real companion, his beloved bulldog, Brutus. But while away on a trip to visit his beloved niece Lucy, just outside of Orlando, a Tornado threatens to destroy his house. David races home in a heroic effort to save poor Brutus, but is stopped by the police and watches helplessly as the dark funnel of destruction sucks up the house, and the dog, like some Wizard of Oz nightmare – the punishing finger of God. Then, adding insult to injury, the Insurance Company tells him they won’t pay because the damage falls under the ‘Act of God’ clause in his policy. David is livid. But then he gets the bright idea to sue God Himself for damages, naming representatives of all different faiths as co-defendants. Fueled by a megalomaniacal and opportunistic judge, a beautiful but damaged defense attorney, and David Frank’s own sharply-honed legal gymnastics, what starts out as a crazy, radical stunt ultimately becomes a very deep and soulful journey.
12 reviews
Matthew Lee Shaw
July 5, 2017
This is just a rip off of the 2001 Billy Connolly and July Davis movie 'The Man Who Sued God' but no where near as funny. Such a shame.
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Christopher T
July 10, 2017
Fantastic film! I came for the awesome cast (including handsome extras) and stayed for the heartwarming story and amazing score. Kudos to all cast and crew on an outstanding film!
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Danny Woo
June 23, 2017
Hopeful and spiritually up lifting, I truly loved it.
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