Friends With Benefits

2011 • 109 minutes
2.47K reviews
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When two friends decide to try something new and take advantage of their mutual attraction without any emotional attachment, they soon realize romantic comedy stereotypes might exist for a reason. (Original Title - Friends With Benefits) © 2011 Screen Gems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
2.47K reviews
Jeb Hoge
April 20, 2015
I would say you're not going to be surprised by anything (except maybe remembering that flash mobs were a big deal) but JT & MK are hot & full of chemistry, it's a who's who of guest stars (the overall caliber of talent is quite high), and the secondary plot about Dylan's father is surprisingly emotional and handled well. Makes for a nice movie night after the kids are in bed.
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Beverly Beam
January 6, 2015
Sorry, unlike a lot of viewers who enjoyed this movie, I was actually bored. Some funny one-liners but overall predictable and long. Cool modern concept on dating. May appeal to an audience in their teens or 20's. Just not my type of flick. Good acting though by Justin and Mila.
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Michael B.
December 24, 2016
If you are fan of rom-coms OR if you sometimes just want a movie to entertain you OR if you are a fan of good, witty (and pithy) writing and of actors who can deliver the same, then you should like this movie. Yes, at times it's cheesy (the climax at Grand Central...uh boy) and YES, the theme is predictable, but at no time are you bored. And if you pay particular attention there are a few very good scenes (parts of the airport restaurant scene are interesting). Timberlake and Kunis have a good repartee working throughout, and actually look like they could be a couple. The remaining cast's performances vary between good and very good (Harrelson as a gay photographer is an...interesting choice. It didn't completely work, but he didn't make a hash of it either) No, it didn't win an Oscar (nor should it have) but if you just want to have a little fun at a movie...FWB is more than worthy
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