Fun With Dick And Jane

2005 • 90 minutes
395 reviews
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About this movie

When Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) is terminated as Globodyne Corporation's VP of Communications, he assures his wife, Jane (Téa Leoni), he'll find another job in no time. Months later, their lawn is repossessed, Jane has sold her body to science, and Dick's career as a day laborer ends with his deportation to Mexico. Madder than ever and not going to take it anymore, Dick and Jane turn to the fastest-growing sector in the white-collar job market — armed robbery — as they become upscale suburban Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor...namely themselves. © 2005 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and GH One LLC. All Rights Reserved.
395 reviews
Carter Thevenow
July 5, 2022
As much as I didn't like the start, they really made up for it! Jim Carrey at his least craziest. Though there is a scene where he pretends to be a puppet, it's crazy to the point where it's actually funny, like Bruce Almighty. And also the ending, genius! Stupid critics! It is underrated and quotable. Love the deportation and the brain freeze scene Favorite quotes: "Not the Telemundo! Spongeroberto Squarepantalones!" "You can call my wife, she'll tell you I'm American!" BILLY ANSWERS "Hola!"
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A Google user
April 24, 2014
This movie is so funny and true lol, how these corrupt bosses steal and abuse their employees
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Chelsea Smith
June 20, 2017
This movie is crazy funny, I never laugh so hard watching a jim carry movie until I saw this one
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