2015 • 103 minutes
4.96K reviews
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About this movie

Based on the popular children's books by R.L. Stine.
4.96K reviews
Sheldon Grant
January 30, 2016
The movie was fun and entertaining. The audience was introduced or re-introduced to many popular characters from the Goosebumps' stories. The movie did not try too hard which made it easy to watch. The plot was not complicated which is good for younger viewers. With that said, many of the twists became evident early on, but this was not a bad thing. Even though I figured out many things in advance, I was still very interested, entertained, and in the end felt fulfilled. My daughter and I loved it.
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Crystal Nobles
January 29, 2016
I grew up watching and reading Goosebumps so I was excited to watch it with my 6 year old. We both ended up loving it, and watched it 3 times already lol. It's about a high schooler and his mother moving to a new house - and the son meets their creepy new neighbor and his cool daughter. The son ends up unleashing all of these characters (monsters) from R.L. Steins books and they have to save the town. Very cute movie. Really enjoyable.
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Russell Rogers
October 24, 2020
A pretty good taste of the 'Goosebumps' universe and probably the best monster film that you could watch with young children. Yes, there are a few fake out jump scares and some of the monsters/scenes can feel menacing, but it never crosses the line into horror. No one dies, the only blood you see is when someone gets a small cut on their head, no gore, no swearing, and no sorcery/magic casting (the magic is more Twilight Zone like). Needs less lens flare though.
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